Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gender Bias?

I helped teach a Pepper Spray class today, we had two gentlemen in the class.  They had a little difficulty responding to me as the “bad guy”, were slower to respond to an aggressive act…  It is so important for everyone to remember that women can be the aggressor, or the can be part of a team.  It is hard to balance the conditioned courtesy, a woman approaches, looking innocent, and asks for help, directions or the time, your guard goes down and…she has you. 

I actually feel the for men, it is tough to balance courtesy with a perception of risk or threat.  We react differently when approached by a woman then we do when approached by a man.  This goes for women as well.  I tend to be less defensive, or I used to, when a woman approached me than when a man was coming to close. 

Bottom line, trust your intuition.  The threat can come from anyone, at anytime.  Be aware, alert and stay safe!

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