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my books

my books
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Living An Armed Life

Living an Armed Life will be available on Amazon and in select retailers on or about Sep 16.  This is my fourth book in five years, and yes, I’m taking a break.  For regular followers, you will see RPA, first introduced here last year.  You will also learn more about me and my ability to trip over shadows.  LAAL addresses the changing defensive techniques we need based on our life situation.  Injury, kids or aging.

I had a tremendous amount of help putting this together, and I’m very grateful to everyone who contributed advice, posed for photos or helped me figure it out when it was me on crutches, in a sling, using a cane…remember the tripping on shadows?

The book also introduces Laurie, an instructor in Virginia Beach, who was seriously injured several years ago and is now in a wheelchair.  Her humor, candor and dedication come through in her advice on shooting and defensive techniques while wheelchair bound. 

This book is full of advice I hope you will never have to use, but gosh, when you need it, it is nice not to have to figure it out on your own.  Special thanks to The Gun Diva for her kind Foreword.  She is a special friend and I’m honored that she contributed to my book.