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I am also the author of 4 books, available on Amazon, and at many major outlets. I have been contributing writer for Combat Handgun Magazine and Women and Guns Magazine.

I was an instructor for many years, Recently retired.

Thank you for following along with me as this journey continues.

Safe Shooting!

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my books
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Instructor Tips

I’ve been involved in a lot of discussions recently about gender differences and how men can teach women more effectively.  It occurs to me that there are also issues for women to consider teaching men.
Men have a different center of gravity than we do, so we need to consider that when adjusting their stance.  They also tend to have more upper body strength, so may not understand the need to drive out as far as possible.  Body builder, or men with bulky upper bodies may not be able to achieve full extension.  Bigger hands can cause issues with grip.  One common one is if the gun doesn’t go into slide lock consistently when empty, check the thumbs.  It is possible that he is touching the slide lock, blocking the slide from locking back when the gun goes dry.
Upper body strength doesn’t mean the wrists are locked out.  Misfeeds?  Make sure the wrists are strong.
I’ve had several male students who were excited to the point of being a little dangerous.  They had Bruce Willis fantasies and wanted to empty a magazine as fast as possible.  That’s fine, but not for a beginner.  You, as the instructor need to calm him down.  You can load one round at a time until you trust a little more and are ready to let him have more.  I’ve actually pulled a student out of the booth and had him do some “Karate Kid” deep breathing and focus (If I had to guess I would say 5 Red Bulls in the parking lot, he was really hyper).
A lot of men come to class and hesitate to ask questions because they think they are supposed to know.  Watch closely for the blank looks and don’t wait for the question. 
Above all, be safe and have FUN!

Safe Shooting!

Monday, May 27, 2013

And the changes keep coming

I have just launched me new website, www.FemaleandArmed.com.  This will be my launching point for my new training company.  After teaching under a very protective wing for so long, it is a little scary and a lot exciting to go out on my own. 

I'm also formalizing Women Firearms Instructors (which some of you know from the Facebook page of the same name) and it's subset, WFI which is limited to women who are either current instructors or working toward being instructors.  It is about being supportive of each other, answering questions, providing suggestions and generally giving women a place to ask questions.  You can check us on Facebook, or for a tiny peak, www.womenfirearmsinstructors.org.

I've decided to focus my training efforts where my heart is.  I will primarily teach new shooters, mostly women.  I truly believe a comfortable, safe and fun foundation builds to build on will make them comfortable to practice, to take more training and to empower themselves to be safer.

Taking Your First Shot is in my hands (YEA!) and on it's way to lots of people who have been supportive along this path, and to a few of the ranges who are hosting NTYDTTRD as prizes.  I'm so thrilled with the publisher, Skyhorse Publishing, and the production of the book, the paper stock, the font...it really looks good.  I will be creating a class that is based on the book, will probably end up being 1 1/2 days, but will cover shooting, and non-shooting responses, to a threat.

Stay tuned for lots of new and exciting things coming!

Safe Shooting!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spare Magazine Carry

If you carry a semi-automatic, do you carry a spare magazine?  Should you?  YES!!!  That is your emergency back up if there is a problem, or, heaven forbid, you need more ammo than what you have in your gun.

For years, I’ve successfully concealed my Glock 19, but my mag carrier, which rested on my belt, printed like three cell phones.  I tried a wide variety of combinations and adjusted position, but Glocks are double stack magazines and it was just big.

I just found a different option, and I’ve been carrying this way for a couple weeks.  It is a leather – kydex IWB Mag pouch.  Yes, I need a little more room in the waist, but lucky for me I’ve been losing weight and many of my clothes have that extra room.  It masks the print from the mag better than anything else I’ve tried.  It took a little getting used to but it is as comfortable as my holster.

I found mine on Amazon (where we go for almost everything these days), it is by FoxX.

I wanted to feature it here because it is a different way to carry.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

For the 2nd Amendment Lover in All of Us

You may know my husband is a crafter, and has a shop on Etsy called Cats in My Garden.  He does a variety of things, but my favorite are the stamped concrete stepping stones, complete with recycled brass and cute 2nd Amendment sayings.
This one really got my attention, and yes, some of the brass is from my recent trip to the range.   These are fun pieces, but they also remind me of what we are trying so hard to protect.  The right to bear arms is as old as our nation.  There are so many who would like to strip us of that right.  We can never forget the lessons of history, what happens to a nation that disarms it’s people.  Be proud of your passion for shooting.  Only by being open, honest and vocal can we keep that right.
Safe Shooting!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

so many changes!

Those who follow this blog know that I prefer tips and tricks, except around this time of year when I'm so busy with NTYDTTRD that I can barely think.  If only it were just that,

I ended my long time association with IDS, a very difficult decision.
I've decided to focus on training women who are new to shooting, male instructors on how to teach women, developing a seminar around the book, and writing.  Taking Your First Shot landed in the warehouse last week so I should get my copies this week.   It will be pretty exciting to see it and hold it.

I'm going to be teaching under the name Female and Armed and am diligently working on a website.  I'm also taking Women Firearms Instructors to the next level by adding them to the website.  I will list exceptional women in different regions as well as promote the seminar for men giving them a change to earn the WFI Seal of Approval.  Hopefully that will become a recognized icon for women to know that the instructor took additional training in teaching women and providing a positive experience. 

My second book, the Security Handbook is about 40% written.  If should be released fall of 2014.  It will be chock full of advice and tips for all kinds of situations, but not specifically looking toward an armed life.

Sometimes that fork in the road is really big and a little scary, but I know, with support of friends like you, I will make this transition and get moving.

Only a few days more to order the book at the reduced price, then if goes up to full price.  Even though it is aimed toward a new shooter, old hands might find something they like.

Safe Shooting.  thank you for your support!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

NRA Women

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson Corp. is proud to present our first New Energy profile on 3-gun competitor and “Top Shot” contestant Maggie Reese. Maggie is passionate about recruiting more women to her sport and educating the public about the firearms she competes with.

Watch the video at the link below and look for the next New Energy Profile in the upcoming weeks!

Link: http://nrawomen.tv/home/video/maggie-reese-new-energy

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Federal vs States Rights and the Second Amendment

Do you value your guns?  Do you support the right of lawful citizen ownership of firearms for recreation, sport and self-defense?  Many state legislatures also support this.  The administration, in the form of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, disagree.

The news broke recently that Kansas passed a law upholding the rights of the state citizens to bear arms, in spite of the intentions of the Federal government and making it a level 10 nonperson felony.  It appears that the President, in his partnership with the United Nations, is set on disarming law abiding Americans. 

I try to stay apolitical, but this is beyond my comprehension.  How can this happen in a country so many of us have sacrificed so much to defend?  Please support the state representatives that support our rights, and for those who do not, let them know that you do, and expect them to represent you, not themselves. 

Support the NRA, they are our biggest lobbying support of our 2nd amendment rights.

Safe Shooting.


Monday, May 6, 2013

so very busy!

So much going on.  Getting ready for NTYDTTRD, Jun 15, lots of ranges coming on board.  Should be an amazing day again this year.  Remember, if the range doesn't appear on the website, www.NationalTakeYourDaughtertotheRangeDay.com, it isn't an official event.

Expanding WFI Facebook page.  WFI is a closed group for Women Firearms Instructors and prospective instructors, letting the women share with and support each other.

Book is less than a month away, and I'm so excited I can barely wait!  What could be more exciting?  I can't wait to hold a final printed copy in my hand.  I hope those of you who read these posts will consider reading the book and sharing information with friends, and more than that, I hope you like it!

That fork in the road led me to stop teaching for IDS, ending a very special chapter in my life.  It was a tough decision but I wanted to move in a different direction.  I value everything I learned there and the friends I made.  I'm moving to work with women more, develop a couple classes of my own, and am hoping to get to do some traveling and teaching.

Thanks for being with me, there is so much more to come!

Finally, in honor of the Kentucky Derby I had to break out a hat...