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my books
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Right to Defend

Many of us take for granted the right to defend ourselves against random acts of violence.   Not all of us have that right.  In the state of Maryland it is nearly impossible for a citizen to get a carry permit.  In the neighboring  Commonwealth of Virginia most malls have posted policies (in ¼” print) prohibiting firearms. 

A few hours ago (Sat, 1/25/14) a gunman opened fire at the Columbia Mall in Maryland, killing at least 2, the police are still sorting thing out.  The unimaginable terror, the impact on first responders, the lives lost and families who will never be the same.  This isn’t the first, and I fear not the last, time this kind of tragedy will happen. 

Disarming citizens is not the answer, but neither is allowing anyone to possess a firearm.  Education, training, background checks, mental health care…there are many factors.  Details will emerge, but a lawfully armed citizen could have made a difference…but they never had a chance.

There are no easy answers, but we must do better than the bans on guns. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Impressions from Shot Show 2014

I had high hopes of doing more posts while I was there but my internet was less than dial up caliber, and I couldn’t stay on line long enough to do anything.

I was able to make it to Media Day at the range…WOW!  It was a little overwhelming but The Gun Diva herself, and the Gun Dudes,  helped me navigate.  I shot Clays for the first time.  Well, actually, I shot at the clays and watched them fall to the ground, fully intact.  ;-)  I got a lesson in knife throwing, actually got one to stick!!!  It is harder to do than it looks!
no clays were injured in the making of this photo

One stuck!

Gun Diva and me, might huntresses...Thank you Mule Deer Foundation for having this magnificent animal on display

I shot steel for the first time.  I’m hooked!  Several of the silhouettes have little doors in them that swing open and closed when you shoot them.  I ping-pinged the door open and closed and open and closed…Loved the instant feedback!  It rates pretty high on the “giggle factor”.  Then, the new Kriss Vector…wow.  Full Auto!  That grin took hours to go away!  

Kriss Vector

Lots of guns!  Lots of chances to shoot!  I fired the new Caracal 308 rifle, first time shooting at 100 yds, hit the target, both times!  YEA! 
Caracal 308

Shooting is fun, but when you add in the new models and the manufacturers provide the ammo!!

I got to spend lots of time with friends, old and new.  Gun Diva, she is like the younger sister I never had.  Becky Lou Lacock, my long distance BFF!  Kathy Jackson, easily one of the most awesome women I know. Met some of my favorite folks, one of whom was Julianna Crowder of A Girl and a Gun Shooting League.  I love her!  I hung out with the Flashbang crew, how they get any work done…they are all dynamic, smart, funny.  I adopted Trent as my little brother! 
Flashbang Trent!

I met so many people, all of who were wonderful.  I sran out of time long before I ran out of show!

I want to send a special Shout Out to Rumpfs and Anglers Book  sellers for letting me do book signings in their booths.  Skyhorse Publishing for letting me write my book, and the next two that are coming!  A Special Thank You to Brittney Starr for inviting me to the Womans Outdoor and Shooting Industry event.  It was formal, and she did an amazing job, we walked a red carpet, got photographed, felt like celebrities!  I met some incredible women that night.
With the one and only Ms. Kathy Jackson

Flashbang Julie and Lisa Looper

The lovely force of nature, Julianna Crowder

Then, as I was sitting on the plane to come home, the man next to me was coming from Shot Show, and we talked through the whole flight to LA (routed through LA back to DC).

It was pretty amazing. 

Safe Shooting!!







Squealing Like a Girl!

If you know me, you know I don’t get star struck.  I’m fairly normal around celebs…usually.

I just returned from the NSSF 2014 Shot Show.  I had two encounters where I gushed … a little.  I was walking past an autograph booth and saw Best Defense!  I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!  I have learned so much watching it.  I stopped and chatted with Mike Seeklander.    What a great guy!  Look up Best Defense on the Outdoor Channel.  The information can make the difference, it is presented in easy to understand scenarios depicting different outcomes based on your response. 

Encounter two…I was sitting in the Flashbang booth, by their gracious invite, and I looked up, did a double take on the name take and blurted out “Can I meet you?”.  Ok, doing the “L” on the forehead, and not for Lynne.  It was Vicki Farnam.  If you don’t know, she basically set the bar for women firearms instructors in this country teaching thousands of law enforcement officers.  Very gracious lady, and a legend!

Those were the only really stupid moments, but I met heros, legends, Olympians, champions and hundreds of men and women who make a difference every day just because they care, they teach, they support the 2nd amendment…  I had the honor of doing two book signings, I talked to so many people, and they were all wonderful!  Shooters are some of the nicest folks in the world. 

It was fantastic.  I got to shoot, talk guns for 4 days, and meet some of my heros. 


Safe Shooting!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Glock introduces a .380

I guess they are trying to compete with the other pocket pistols.  I haven't seen it yet, but expect to soon.  I really wish they would consider a single stack 9mm.  I love Glock.  But...please!  Another too small to handle well gun?  What the world needs now?

Pocket pistol is a misnomer.  How many stories are there about someone shooting themselves because they carried a mini-gun in a pocket without a holster??  LOTS!

Ok, promise to check it out and provide a more informed opinion.

Happy New Year to all, wishing you safe and prosperous 2014!!