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Safe Shooting!

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my books
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gun Bunnies

I may be a little late to the party but I just learned the term Gun Bunny. Women like this reflect badly on women in the industry, They dress inappropriately for the range and pose for pictures with unsafe gun handling then get all defensive when called on it. They have cutesy names, and trade on their looks for goodies from manufacturers.
The opposite of the women I know who are serious, safe and have IQs higher than our bust measurements. I can not tell you how proud I am to be associated with this amazing group of women.

For the Gun Bunnies, you do us a disservice, posing as "real" shooters while pointing a gun at yourself and justifying with "It isn't loaded and I can't reach the trigger".  You think it is cute to pose in a bikini top with a gun.  If this is you, you are a poser.  I'm sorry if you are offended, but you damage the female shooting community every time you do the cute little pouty face over the barrel of a gun. 

Real women Shoot!  Real women are Serious, and Safety Conscious.  It doesn't matter if we are young and nubile or old and wrinkled.  We care about the sport, the industry and sharing the concepts of safety and responsibility. 

If you recognize yourself, take this as a wake up call.  You are not helping anyone, not even yourself.  We are laughing at you and calling you what you are. 

Wake Up sister, no one likes a poser.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gearing up for Shot Show 2015!

Woo-Hoo!  Getting ready to head to Las Vegas! You know the saying, What happens in Vegas, Stays on FaceBook!


If you have not had to chance to go, Shot Show in a word in AMAZING!  Everything and everyone affiliated with industry.  And, like the rest of the shooting community, they’re NICE!  I live near Washington DC.  So, I’m used to big city rudeness.  Imagine my shock when med held doors for me, or stepped aside for me to get on the escalator?  WOW!  Then, the true celebs in the industry, Jerry Mickulek, Julie Golob, Kathy Jackson, Ted Nugent, Joe Mantegna (rrrrrrrrrr), Mike Seeklander, Rob Pincus, Lisa Looper, Vicki Farnam, Julianna Crowder…and there are the minor league celebs…people still working their way up, like me!  Ok, ego aside, it is fun to be treated like a celebrity, even a minor one, for a few days.  I’ll be signing books, hanging out at booths doing autographs (still can’t believe people want my autograph, but I like it!) 


To give you a little glimpse into the world of Shot Show below are some photos from the past 3 years.  Can’t wait to get more for this year!!  If you are going, come by Anglers Book Seller on Tue between 2 and 3 and say hi, I’ll be signing The Home Security Handbook!


Safe Shooting!

Julie Golob

The Gun Diva

Jerry Miculek


Lisa Looper

Rob Pincus

Show Security

Kathy "The Cornered Cat" Jackson

Becky Lou Lacock

Julianna Crowder

Mike Thiemer

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We Need More Women Shooting Coaches

We Need More Women Shooting Coaches
By Sally Stevens
The youth shooting sports demographic has changed in a positive way over the last several years,
moving from predominantly male to a greater balance of male and female shooters. There
continues to be, however, a significant lack of female shooting coaches across all shooting sports
disciplines. This is totally logical, in my opinion, as the usual time progression for shooters
moves from youth shooter to adult shooter and, possibly, adult coach. I believe there is an
untapped resource out there to change this pattern, as waiting for our many young female
shooters to become coaches and mentors does not need to be the only way to increase female
shooting coaches.
How do I know this? As a 42-year-old widow and mother of three youth shooters, I was asked by
their coach to try the sport, just for fun. I declined twice but, being a good Minnesotan, politely
accepted on the third offer and shot 2/25. My score was bad, clearly, but a spark was ignited in
me and I was hooked on both the sport and shooting competition! Within my first year I logged
in over 10,000 targets in practice and competition, completed the NRA Level 1 Shotgun Coach
class, and started helping the coach who first introduced me to the sport.
Was I, initially, afraid to try and, more accurately, afraid to fail, especially in front of my
children and everyone else at the club? Absolutely.  Ultimately, though, it was the
encouragement I received from coaches, parents, fellow shooters and, especially, the pride of my
children and my love of the game that propelled me forward.
Now, as a NRA Certified Level II Shotgun Coach and a member of the National Shotgun Coach
Development Staff, I train, mentor, and encourage women to take their own leap of faith to
become shooters and coaches.  I encourage you to reach out to mothers, sisters, aunts, female
friends—these are just some of the many women in our shooters’ lives who have the potential to
become influential, impactful coaches and mentors.
In Minnesota I mentor several women coaches who, like me, had never shot a gun before
adulthood but are now positively influencing hundreds of youth as successful coaches. Coaching
doesn’t stop with our athletes; it extends to finding those who can impact positive change in our
disciplines and coaching them towards success.
Mothers of youth shooters are some of my favorite people.  Granted, that may be because I
started out as a mother of youth shooters before also becoming a shooter and, ultimately, a
coach, but mostly it’s because there is something very powerful about a mother committed to
your shooting program.  Many of my hardest workers, organized and dedicated volunteers, and
most passionate coaches are women.  Several did not start out this way and, in fact, did not want
their children participating in shooting sports at all!
A few tips, choice words, and education usually help even the most cautious, protective parent to
view shooting sports in a more constructive light.
As a coach I am particularly tuned into all attendees on registration day, with youth shooters
usually very excited and parents in tow. In my experience, I find parents with reservations,
usually mothers, wait until the paperwork is done before asking questions regarding safety,
procedure, or expectations. This is a crucial time and one not to be brushed off. The question you
are really being asked is, “Will my child be safe?” Know that it is not enough to simply tell a
parent that yes, everything will be fine—it is your responsibility as coach to prove safety is first
and foremost in your program.
Part of the requirement for all our shooters, from new shooters to our national competition
squads, is to attend our 30-minute safety class annually. No exceptions. We also require parents
new to our program to attend, followed by a new shooter orientation, another 30-45 minute class
outlining expectations, responsibilities, and the basics of our sport. During this time I see the
biggest change in parent attitude as, most often, fear is predicated by a lack of information.
We follow this with a question and answer session, and end with a call for adult volunteers! I am
always struck by the number of women who previously expressed concerns but after attending
the safety and procedure classes, they become our biggest support system. In fact, many of our
shooters mothers have asked for instruction and some have even started their own league at our
Education and participation through volunteering is key to helping cautious parents become
comfortable with all disciplines of shooting sports. If a parent expresses concern, rather than
being dismissive or flippant, invite them in to be a part of the program. You will be surprised
how inclusion can improve and grow your program, change the dynamics of your club and,
ultimately, solidify the future of shooting sports.
My challenge to you is to encourage women to step forward, ask them to become coaches, and
have our coaching teams reflect the same, changing demographic of our shooters and everyday
life. It’s a good thing.
Sally Stevens
Working on her Masters in Sports Psych and is a mom/step-mom to eight kids, nine grandkids. 
She is a NRA Shotgun Coach, Level II and a member of the NRA National Shotgun Coach
Development Staff.  She coaches both competitive and youth programs, mentors youth and
women coaches. She is a Board Member of the Minnesota Trapshooting Association. She
founded and runs a nonprofit for youth competitive shooting in Minnesota. She has won the 2009
Minnesota State Ladies Handicap Championship, 2011 Heartland Grand Lady Singles
Championship, 2012 Ohio Lady Handicap Championship, Captain of the 2014 Minnesota Lady
All-State Team (been on the team for six years straight, twice as captain). And co-head coach of
the 2014 Minnesota State High School League Clay Target Champions.

(Posted by request)

Friday, November 14, 2014

new book is listed for Pre-Sale!!

Ok, I admit it, I googled myself.  Wow, so much for anonymity.  Those days are long gone.  But, SURPRISE, I found several references to my new book, with awesome descriptions. It isn't final yet, still in the editing process, but lots of really fun photos and answers to questions that I hear. 

I want to thank John Murphy for letting us use his range for the photo shoot.  The folks who made the trek to Culpepper that day were awesome, and we learned from each other.  Plus, what fun!  Beautiful day, beautiful range, lots of guns, lots of ammo...and the ability to try things that couldn't at  a public range. 

The new book, Female and Armed, will have advanced techniques and tips.  It is written in my normal, conversational, style.  Concise but easy to read with lots of pictures.  I hope you like it!

NRA Women

NRA Women | presented by Smith & Wesson
Tips & Tactics | sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund
“Shooting Gear” Jane Brown Keller is a champion competitive clay shooter and Founding Member of the Annie Oakley Shooters. In this episode, Jane shows us what you need to have on hand when you’re out shooting.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

NRA Women

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson
New Energy sponsored by Remington
Elizabeth Lanier has made major strides in the shooting world. She has been instructing for eight years and in 2012 became the 4th woman to achieve National Sporting Clays Association Level III Shooting Instructor status - a certification that required a minimum of 1,500 teaching hours. Adding to the list, Elizabeth recently became a Coordinated Shooting Method associate, as well. But the fun really got started when she founded GRITS (Girls Really Into Shooting). If you’re not having as much fun shooting as this group of gals, you’re not doing it right.
Embed: <iframe width="500" height="370" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="http://embed.videodigm.com/450e9dc5335cfe0d299693444a7cc2e2" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>
NRA Videos YouTubehttp://youtu.be/Dra8rZkgciY

NRA Women

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson
Love at First Shot sponsored by Smith & Wesson - Episode 4 Par 2: Ammo “How & What to Buy”
With the help of ammunition manufacturer Hornady, Natalie Foster goes through the motions from the birth of a bullet to the shipping warehouse where we find out what to look for when buying ammo. With the many types of ammo and their variations, Natalie takes to Cabela’s to demonstrate simple ways to select the ammo to best fit your needs. Join her in part 2 of our three-part episode.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making a Difference - Gun Goddess

Athena, aka Gun Goddess (www.GunGoddess.com) is a competitive shooter, a business woman and a really nice person.  Gun Goddess, which made it presence known in the market a mere 3 years ago filled a void in the market, specializing in women specific products.  Since then, Athena has launched some men’s, or gender neutral, products; but her passion is still focused on helping women find fun, functional, gun related items.  She works tirelessly to find new products, or works with vendors to create them just for her.  I have enough of her pistol cases, in leopard and zebra, to prove that.  From Gun Bling to jewelry to range bags and more…

Unlike some businesses, Athena doesn’t just color a product pink and call it a woman’s product.  She researches, interviews and personally tests her products.  If she wouldn’t be comfortable using it, you will not find it on her site.  That is the definition of integrity.  Customer Satisfaction and good Customer Service are crucial aspects of her business model. 

Check out the website, I promise you will find something to love, or if you are like me, LOTS OF THINGS TO LOVE!

Meeting Athena at Shot Show 2013



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Introducing The Home Security Handbook

It is available on the major sites in paperback or e-book.  All kinds of tips on home, travel, traffic stops, kids, college…in an easy to read, down to earth compact book.  I think of it as the little book that delivers big!  At just 109 pages, with lots of pictures, it is a deceptively quick read.  Deceptive in that there is so much information you may be surprised it is such a small package. 

With an awesome foreword from Mike Seeklander, co-host of The Best Defense, and genuinely nice guy, this book delivers lots of tips.  This is not a read once and put away.  This is something you can turn to before traveling for reminders, or pass on to your kids as they are getting ready to go off to college. 

Ok, I’m a little bias.  This is my second book, put out by Skyhorse Publishing (Thank you Skyhorse!)  But the reviews have been great, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Female and Armed welcomes 4 Associate Instructors!

Some say a good man is hard to find.  That may be so, but I found four of them and they have stepped up to join the team at F&A.  Each of these men is a very talented instructor in their areas of expertise and, most importantly, they are all very good at working with women (having taught with all of them I can say that), and sometimes it is good to have a man to demonstrate advanced defensive techniques.  It is my honor to teach with each of them.

We’ve come a long way in the last year.  The home training parties are a hit, and it has the added benefit of keeping costs down for students.  We have added basic personal defense and advanced defensive techniques to the curriculum.  My second book is now available on Amazon and other outlets.

As we close in on the 1 year anniversary of F&A, llc, it is time to look back and see the amazing things that have happened.  New courses, a new book, lots of learning, adding additional instructors.  This has been so much fun I can hardly wait to see what the 2nd year will bring!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Busy!

I apologize quite sincerely to you all.  Time has gotten away from me.  Some of you know that I’m going through a difficult time in my personal life, and that has had me quite distracted.  I really haven’t felt like writing when I didn’t actually have to.


I did recently get together with some wonderful folks for a Range Day, courtesy of John at FPF Training.  I needed pictures for an upcoming book on Advanced Defensive Techniques, and John was kind enough to let us use his beautiful range.  The day was gorgeous!  Great friends, lots of green, fresh air, awesome photographers and LOTS OF GUNS!  What could be more fun than that?



I’ll be sharing photos from that day over the next weeks.  I got to try some new techniques, some of which I can tell you work, but encourage you not to try them unless you have to use them to defend your life.


One of the most profound things that day was a discussion of aftermath.  Everyone was a credentialed instructor in their own right.  All experienced shooters.  We all learned from each other but the one thing that touched one of the women deeply was a discussion of aftermath.  To illustrate, I told a story from my own life.  Back in the mid 80’s (I know, some of you weren’t born yet!) I was stationed in Korea.  It was common for me to go hiking in the hills beyond the town outside of the base where I was stationed.  I was young, fit, invincible, and the Korean people were wonderful, polite and generous, so I never had a moment of fear.  Besides, I had taken lots of self defense classes.


Well, one day, my world turned upside down.  I came up on a man who managed to convey that he would like to pay me for sex.  My Korean was pretty bad, as was his English, but I got the message.  He offered me everything he had which translated to about $7.00.  To this day, I’m not sure which offended me more, the proposition or the amount.  LOL  I declined and kept walking, he grabbed me.  Everything I had ever learned went right out of my head.  I slammed both hands into his chest, palms flat, knocking him down, and I ran.  I didn’t stop running until I was almost back to the base.  I never even looked back.  I went straight to my room, and then to a hot shower.  I felt violated, scared, and couldn’t stop shaking.  Then, it dawned on me.  I knew all these things I could have done and I didn’t do any of them!  What was wrong with me?  It took a lot of nudging by some very caring friends to get me out of the dorm and at least out in public the next day but I continued to question and second guess myself for several days.  I finally went to talk to a counselor.  She turned out to be wonderful.  She listened to me beat myself up for what I could have done and then gave me the magic answer.  I was safe.  I had not made the situation worse, I did exactly what I had to do to get away.  No more, no less.  I did the right thing.


That was a turning point for me.  I now share that story when I teach basic unarmed defensive tactics.  I teach simple things, easy to remember, easy to do and encourage the students to do the minimum it takes to get away. 

This message resonated with one of the women who had found herself in a situation where she reacted and got to safety but went through the same second guessing that I had, except she had not found a caring counselor.  She didn’t realize that what she experienced was normal and it was ok, until that moment.  Talking privately later, we both got a little emotional.  It touched my heart to know that someone else had been touched by my story.


I hope you never have to experience it for yourself, but remember, what you feel after is normal and if you are safe, you did what you had to do, including not making the situation worse.


Safe Shooting

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Personal Alarms

I'm a huge advocate of the little Personal Alarm, it is a great noisemaker and distraction.
I've carried a device from Sabre Red for years on the outside of my purse, but was recently introduced to what can only be called it's big sister!

Athena, at www.GunGoddess.com told me she had just started carrying a personal alarm from Swiss Tech and I had to check it out.  Price point is similar but there in not comparison in value!

This little beauty had a flash light, a flashing red strobe, a replaceable battery, an option lanyard, a removable belt clip and a replaceable battery.  Oh, and it make a lot of noise when you push the panic button!  I added a split ring to mine so I could more easily hang in on my purse, but this little baby is awesome!!!

Head on over to Gun Goddess, http://www.gungoddess.com/bodygard-personal-alarm/ and check this out as well as the other wonderful offerings.  She is expanding her personal defense line and helping use all be safe, in addition to the other awesome fun things you can find there!!
Safe Shooting!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Busy Life

I apologize for not writing more, it has been that kind of year. 

Book 2, The Home Security Handbook, will be out in August and is up on Amazon for Pre-sale. 
Book 3, Female and Armed, Advanced Defensive Techniques, is in the works for next year.  We are having a photo shoot next weekend for the book, several great shooters coming in and we will have an amazing day (hoping it doesn't rain).
Shout out to my favorite editor, Kristin!!!! 

I did a taping for a local access program last night on career choices that focused on the teaching and writing, it was a lot of fun, I'm hoping to get a link I can post.  I was nervous but once I got going...well, let's just say it helps to be passionate about your topic. 

So many blog ideas, they will be written soon, I promise.

Several ranges are hosting Daughters on the Range this weekend.  I'm so excited for them and wish I could be being one, but maybe next year.  Remember, teaching your kids safety and take away the mystique is not only fun but makes them safer.

Just had an amazing opportunity to interview Julianna Crowder, founder of A Girl and a Gun Shooting League, for a Combat Handguns magazine article.  I have met Julianna but never sat and just talked to her for almost 2 hours!  She is a dynamo, a sweetheart, and a passionate advocate for women.  I liked her before, not I respect her, too.  She is doing what she is doing to promote the sport, empower women and provide a safe comfortable environment for them to learn.

I got several new belts from Looper (aka FLASHBANG), they are gorgeous!  Post with pictures coming soon.

Athena, over at www.GunGoddess.com has been super busy finding new and fun products!  I almost don't want to go to her site because there are too many awesome things!!  check it out, you are guaranteed to find something you will love.  She just sent me a personal alarm to try, post on that soon, too!

Be safe, be well...thank you for staying with me, I will be back to posting regularly very soon!!!

Safe Shooting!

Love at First Shot Sponsored by Smith & Wesson

Love at First Shot Sponsored by Smith & Wesson
Episode 2: “Shotgun Sports”
There’s something timeless about a shotgun that you just have to love. In this episode of Love at First Shot, host Natalie Foster tackles the world of shotgun sports. Olympian Kim Rhode even stops by to give some expert advice to a first-timer!
Personally, I love my shotguns....

Friday, May 23, 2014

More Great Advice From Anette Wachter

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson
Tips & Tactics sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund
“Shooting with a Bipod” featuring Anette Wachter
Stability is the name of the game when shooting with a bipod. On today’s Tips & Tactics episode, Anette explains how to “load the bipod” so you can take the best shot. Anette Wachter is a member of the U.S. National Rifle Team and author of the 30 Cal Gal blog.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Advice from Anette Wachter!

NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson
Tips & Tactics sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund
“Live Firing” featuring Anette Wachter

We’re excited to introduce Anette Wachter as our newest Tips & Tactics instructor. Anette is a member of the U.S. National Rifle Team and author of the 30 Cal Gal blog. In her first Tips & Tactics episode, Anette covers two fundamental techniques that are important to remember when shooting at a target.

I had the pleasure of meeting Anette at Shot Show last January.  She is very sweet, very tall and very down to earth.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I did.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Giving Back!

Firearms instructors have an obligation to never stop learning.  We also have an obligation to share information and teach people to be safer.

I had just such opportunity recently.  I taught an Awareness and Personal Safety class for the employees of a small shop near me. We covered all kinds of things from Situational Awareness to how to hit, break free from a grab, talk down an irate customer, calling the police, coping with a robbery and even the aftermath.  It was fun, they learned a lot, I learned a few things, and at the end of the class I think everyone had a new perspective. 

My new tag line might end up being Train for Real Life.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


NRA Women Presented by Smith & Wesson Corp.
NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson Corp is proud to present the latest Armed & Fabulous profile featuring Brenda, Sara and Eliza Potterfield.  The Potterfield ladies have each grown up behind the trigger. Whether it's hunting, clay target shooting or growing their family business, MidwayUSA, this is one tradition that goes hand in hand with the Potterfield name.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Benefits of Restrictive Gun Laws?

China has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world.  For the second time in recent memory mass murder was committed by knife wielding thugs.  According to reports on Mar 1, 27 were killed and 160 injured in the latest attack.  How many lives might have been saved by a lawfully armed citizen?  We will never know because, like some of our very own states, citizens can not carry a firearm for personal protection.

The incident in Yunnan province is a tragedy.  How many more tragedies must occur before the anti-gun zealots realize that trained armed citizens promote safety for all of us.  I don’t advocate giving just anyone a gun, I do agree with minimal standards, and would like to see training being one of them, and a basic background check to weed out criminals (who probably wouldn’t apply for a permit) and others who shouldn’t be armed for a well-documented reason such as mental illness.  Statistics show that lawfully armed citizens have a damping effect on crime and a lethal effect on criminals.

This attack, and its predecessors, was tragic.  Unfortunately I do not believe it is the last time we will see such headlines.

Friday, February 28, 2014

What is it about edged weapons, aka knives?

I don’t know why, but I like them.  I have several, boot knives, neck knives, folders…


but my favorite are the SOG knives.  It is the quality for the price that attracted me and keeps me coming back.  I’ve carried a Slim Jim model for over a year, it fits in my purse, pocket, even slips into my dress boots.  It is slender but sturdy, easy to flick open, and comes in handy for a variety of things, from cutting open a package to prying a stuck casing out of my gun.  And, in a pinch, self defense.  Knives aren’t my first choice for self defense, because odds are good, if you fight with a knife you will get cut, but gosh, they are better than an empty hand.

 I just got the new SOG Zoom Mini.  LOVE IT!  It is a little more substantial than the Slim Jim, but the assisted thumb opening is amazing.  It is still very compact, just a little wider and heavier.  I like the extra weight, and the grooves for my fingers, as well as a serrated area on the back of the blade to rest the thumb.  It had a push button release to fold back up and a clip that rides high so it virtually disappears in your pocket.  This is my new GO TO.  You never know when you will need a knife, why not have a good one!  You can find SOG knives on Amazon and on the SOG website as well as many retailers. 
Zoom Mini - Slim Jim

NRA Women Presented by Smith & Wesson

New Energy Sponsored by Remington: The Women of BLACKHAWK!
Darcie Neville and Darnetha Elmore both served in the military prior to their careers at BLACKHAWK!. Their active-duty experiences have made their work producing supplies for military and law enforcement even more meaningful.

FPF Training March 15/16 in Culpepper Va with Greg Ellifritz

Training Opportunity at FPF
"Ground Fighting: The presentation and practical application of various techniques of reversal and escape for average citizens to augment their pistol and enhance their capacity for self-defense. Protective gear in the form of a cup and glasses recommended, but not required. This class will be conducted indoors at Zamora Boxing Gym in Culpeper from 0900-1600. Cost is $150.
Collapse Medicine:  Best described here: COLLAPSE MEDICINE.  This class will run 0900-1600 at the Culpeper Holiday Inn Express and costs $150.  (Bring extra money, because Greg sells top notch first aid gear, at nearly his cost, right after the class.)  Cost is $150. 
Registration is available at my nifty new website:  http://www.fpftraining.com/fpf-sponsored-training-opportunities/"

Friday, February 21, 2014

Is your Front Sight Bright?

Is your Front Sight Bright?

I just got a Hi-Viz front sight installed on my Glock 19.  I really like the front post being bright and a different color so I have contrast and it is easier to see.


The green dot (and it could be white or orange) really stands out between the rear notch.  


I had a Glock Armorer install mine, I’m not the build it myself type, but it didn’t look that hard. 

I tried it out on the range, and it was easier on my eyes, very clear and easy to see.

The green tube fits into a holder of sorts, and the sights came with a tool to allow me to swap out the green for another tube. 

It is a small change that makes a big difference.  I really noticed it in lower light, the front post was easier to see.

Thank you to Scott from Hi-Viz, whom I met at Shot Show for sending me the sight to try.  I like it.  Check out the website, they are available for a broad range of firearms and they have front and rear sights.

Safe Shooting!

Do you know The Best Defense?

Offered on the Outdoor Channel, The Best Defense is hosted by Mike Seeklander, Michael Bane and Michael Janich.  I record this show and watch it multiple times because I found that watching an episode once isn’t enough, I catch something new each time.

The use real world scenarios, show the worst outcome and then walk you through different ways to respond that gradually minimize the risk and danger.  Each host is extremely skilled, but one is the primary shooter, one works knives and basic martial arts techniques that aren’t so intimidating that I feel like I could never do them.  They are all entertaining, down to earth and realistic.  I’ve learned so much watching this show.

When I was at Shot Show I had to opportunity to meet Mike Seeklander.  He was so kind and open.  I want to give him a little shout out here.  Shooting Performance is Mike’s training company, and he offers a range of courses and training materials.  I haven’t had the privilege to train with him yet, but I do have his book, Your Defensive Handgun Training Program, it is well laid out, easy to follow, with lots of photos, drills and tips. 

Great Program, Great Folks, and Great Training!

Safe Shooting!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear well intentioned bystander

Dear well intentioned bystander;

Would you have approached a man, who hadn't been shooting next to you , and critiqued his grip?  Would you have told him that his firearm was jumping too much for a 9mm? 

Are you a credentialed instructor?  Did you think it was ok to talk to me that way based on gender?  Do you have any idea what my experience level might be? 

FYI, I know my grip, I have very painful tendonitis and try not to shoot more than 100 rds, because the recoil does show a little more after about 80 rds,

Let mw save you some  time.  If I want your advice. I'll ask.  However, I'm more likely to consult an experienced instructor.

Couple outliers, but not too horrible, 20 feet, speed...  Yes, I was walking a little, my arms hurt, but still, that pattern is well within center chest range.

So, well intentioned bystander.  Thanks but no thanks.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Note to self.  When you decide to name your new company, don't just write it down, say it out loud first!

OK, now my company is F&A!  Well, it has a ring to it!

Big things are happening for F&A, the third book is underway, the second, due approximately Aug of this year is in editing.  The third, working title, Female and Armed, Keep Calm and Reload, is in the writing phase.  It is  a follow up to Taking Your First Shot.  So many women have asked for more advanced work, advice, drills...so...book 3.  Full time job, teaching, magazine articles, blog...and 3 books in 3 years?  Am I nuts?  Well, maybe, a little.  But I'm also dedicated to what I do.  I love the idea of teaching, everyone, but especially women, to shoot, to defend themselves, to watch that empowerment and sense of awe on their face when they realize...I CAN DO THIS!  I'M GOOD!

Nothing in the world like it.

Ok, name dropping time.  I met some amazing women at Shot Show.  Kathy Jackson, whom I consider a friend and an awesome lady, Julianna Crowder, finally met IRL, love her!, Lisa Looper, genius!, so many other amazing women and...Vicki Farnam!  I made a fool of myself when I say her name badge asking "Can I meet you?"  I should have just put my thumb and index finger in the L on my forehead!
She is awesome, I adore her. 

So many gifted, talented, smart women...so many women attending...We've come a long way baby!!

Now, F&A is getting more opportunities.  You know I've been focused on training parties, but am starting to get  inquiries from regional ladies to do women only advanced classes.  I'm so excited, I want to do this and am thrilled to get the chance!

I took my 308 rifle to the range, and well...I've ordered a shoulder pad.  In the interim, I have lovely shades of green and purple where I should have flesh tones.  I'll let you know what I think of the pad after I've tried it out.

I also just have a Hi Vis front sight installed on my Glock.  Thank you Hi Viz!  At first glance, I love it!  I will probably shoot with it this weekend and will be giving it an appraisal after that. 

Lots to come!

Thanks for joining me on this incredible journey!
Safe Shooting.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Right to Defend

Many of us take for granted the right to defend ourselves against random acts of violence.   Not all of us have that right.  In the state of Maryland it is nearly impossible for a citizen to get a carry permit.  In the neighboring  Commonwealth of Virginia most malls have posted policies (in ¼” print) prohibiting firearms. 

A few hours ago (Sat, 1/25/14) a gunman opened fire at the Columbia Mall in Maryland, killing at least 2, the police are still sorting thing out.  The unimaginable terror, the impact on first responders, the lives lost and families who will never be the same.  This isn’t the first, and I fear not the last, time this kind of tragedy will happen. 

Disarming citizens is not the answer, but neither is allowing anyone to possess a firearm.  Education, training, background checks, mental health care…there are many factors.  Details will emerge, but a lawfully armed citizen could have made a difference…but they never had a chance.

There are no easy answers, but we must do better than the bans on guns. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Impressions from Shot Show 2014

I had high hopes of doing more posts while I was there but my internet was less than dial up caliber, and I couldn’t stay on line long enough to do anything.

I was able to make it to Media Day at the range…WOW!  It was a little overwhelming but The Gun Diva herself, and the Gun Dudes,  helped me navigate.  I shot Clays for the first time.  Well, actually, I shot at the clays and watched them fall to the ground, fully intact.  ;-)  I got a lesson in knife throwing, actually got one to stick!!!  It is harder to do than it looks!
no clays were injured in the making of this photo

One stuck!

Gun Diva and me, might huntresses...Thank you Mule Deer Foundation for having this magnificent animal on display

I shot steel for the first time.  I’m hooked!  Several of the silhouettes have little doors in them that swing open and closed when you shoot them.  I ping-pinged the door open and closed and open and closed…Loved the instant feedback!  It rates pretty high on the “giggle factor”.  Then, the new Kriss Vector…wow.  Full Auto!  That grin took hours to go away!  

Kriss Vector

Lots of guns!  Lots of chances to shoot!  I fired the new Caracal 308 rifle, first time shooting at 100 yds, hit the target, both times!  YEA! 
Caracal 308

Shooting is fun, but when you add in the new models and the manufacturers provide the ammo!!

I got to spend lots of time with friends, old and new.  Gun Diva, she is like the younger sister I never had.  Becky Lou Lacock, my long distance BFF!  Kathy Jackson, easily one of the most awesome women I know. Met some of my favorite folks, one of whom was Julianna Crowder of A Girl and a Gun Shooting League.  I love her!  I hung out with the Flashbang crew, how they get any work done…they are all dynamic, smart, funny.  I adopted Trent as my little brother! 
Flashbang Trent!

I met so many people, all of who were wonderful.  I sran out of time long before I ran out of show!

I want to send a special Shout Out to Rumpfs and Anglers Book  sellers for letting me do book signings in their booths.  Skyhorse Publishing for letting me write my book, and the next two that are coming!  A Special Thank You to Brittney Starr for inviting me to the Womans Outdoor and Shooting Industry event.  It was formal, and she did an amazing job, we walked a red carpet, got photographed, felt like celebrities!  I met some incredible women that night.
With the one and only Ms. Kathy Jackson

Flashbang Julie and Lisa Looper

The lovely force of nature, Julianna Crowder

Then, as I was sitting on the plane to come home, the man next to me was coming from Shot Show, and we talked through the whole flight to LA (routed through LA back to DC).

It was pretty amazing. 

Safe Shooting!!