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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Different Training Strategy - The Home Gun Party!

One of the hardest things for me as an instructor has been finding venues that I could use that made my classes affordable.  I prefer a small class to a mega class, I think the smaller group is more comfortable for new shooters.  Recently I conducted a class for a group of neighbors in someone’s home.  We improvised a screen using a white paper table cloth held up with blue tape, determined a safe direction, and…had a ball!  That sparked an idea of how to teach the classroom portion in an affordable way…Borrowing from brilliant marketers like Tupperware, Mary Kay… the Gun Class Party!

Why not?  You and a few of your friends, comfortable, cozy, learning together, built in shooting buddies…For a First Steps class we don’t need a lot of room,  we do need a safe direction and a little advance prep by the instructor can go a long way.

Then, with the money we save, we can afford to rent the range for just us!


The next generation of instruction!  Have fun and be safe!

Look through the comments, others had the same idea and some great suggestions!


  1. I got a pm telling me someone else shared this idea early in the year. I don't recall but like all good ideas more than one person has it.

    Not trying to take anything away from anyone else.

  2. I typically keep my classes between four and six students in size... and I've held a fair number of the classroom portion in my living room over the years... we have a 55-inch flat screen television... comfortable seating for ten if needed... and it makes for a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere... plus for many new shooters... it also provides an comfortable example of firearms in the home as opposed to firearms just on the range... we do our shooting typically at our home range... I've also conducted classes two other folks homes... classrooms at churches, a local university, the local Elks lodge... in addition to concrete-floor pole barns and the usual - gun clubs and ranges...

    Good instruction can occur just about anywhere, but the more professional or applicable the environment... the better...

    On hint for a cheap, portable projector screen... I have a tri-fold, white, foam-core 3'x4' project/science-fair board I picked up at Wally World... stands up or can be hung about anywhere...

    Dann in Ohio

  3. We have held our classroom portion in a spa/salon, in the same manner. It's a fun way to hold class and it feels more like a home party. :)