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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Benefits of Restrictive Gun Laws?

China has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world.  For the second time in recent memory mass murder was committed by knife wielding thugs.  According to reports on Mar 1, 27 were killed and 160 injured in the latest attack.  How many lives might have been saved by a lawfully armed citizen?  We will never know because, like some of our very own states, citizens can not carry a firearm for personal protection.

The incident in Yunnan province is a tragedy.  How many more tragedies must occur before the anti-gun zealots realize that trained armed citizens promote safety for all of us.  I don’t advocate giving just anyone a gun, I do agree with minimal standards, and would like to see training being one of them, and a basic background check to weed out criminals (who probably wouldn’t apply for a permit) and others who shouldn’t be armed for a well-documented reason such as mental illness.  Statistics show that lawfully armed citizens have a damping effect on crime and a lethal effect on criminals.

This attack, and its predecessors, was tragic.  Unfortunately I do not believe it is the last time we will see such headlines.


  1. Excellent article. I agree that we will see more of these and I would not be too surprised to see them in the US, especially places marked as "No Gun Zones". I hope lots of people see your comments, maybe some lawmakers should take note.

  2. There cannot be "No gun zone" in any country because if that would be so, then lots of crimes would take place at that "Zone" only. Gun laws shouldn't be very restrictive otherwise it may unbalance the safety of the countrymen.

    Scott Edvin
    Firearms License Massachusetts


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  4. In Australia, the whole continent was declared a "No Gun Zone"
    with the 1997 gun buy-back, gun turn-in, total gun seizure law.
    Funny thing - - gun homicides only dropped .. 10% .. they remained at the 90% level !!
    (source: AU Inst. of Criminology; their F.B.I. equivalent)
    Users of those little signs are morons, immoral, and they are Idiots (unable to discern danger .. see Webster's 1996).
    I would think these traits would classify or certify them for a mental institution ...
    un-fortunately, many of them are legislators.