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my books
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Making a Difference - Gun Goddess

Athena, aka Gun Goddess (www.GunGoddess.com) is a competitive shooter, a business woman and a really nice person.  Gun Goddess, which made it presence known in the market a mere 3 years ago filled a void in the market, specializing in women specific products.  Since then, Athena has launched some men’s, or gender neutral, products; but her passion is still focused on helping women find fun, functional, gun related items.  She works tirelessly to find new products, or works with vendors to create them just for her.  I have enough of her pistol cases, in leopard and zebra, to prove that.  From Gun Bling to jewelry to range bags and more…

Unlike some businesses, Athena doesn’t just color a product pink and call it a woman’s product.  She researches, interviews and personally tests her products.  If she wouldn’t be comfortable using it, you will not find it on her site.  That is the definition of integrity.  Customer Satisfaction and good Customer Service are crucial aspects of her business model. 

Check out the website, I promise you will find something to love, or if you are like me, LOTS OF THINGS TO LOVE!

Meeting Athena at Shot Show 2013



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