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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Concealed Carry Gets Sexy!

Looking for concealed carry options that are made in the USA, functional, wearable, durable, and…sexy?  Sound like an oxymoron?  Not anymore.  Can Can Concealment makes a variety of high quality carry options but their latest offering, the Corset, is best described as concealed carry lingerie! 


I have one, it is comfortable, offers a nice smoothing action, and conceals beautifully!  This is part compression garment, part holster and brings to mind some high end lingerie.  In practice, it stayed in place, didn’t curl or ride up, and held by gun quite securely.



I especially like the re-holstering tabs on the outside of the pockets so I don’t have to muzzle my hand to holster my gun!


Can Can Concealment also makes other carry options, including an awesome thigh holsters with optional garter belt and a couple different hip hugger holsters.  The products generally are sized to fit a compact or a full size gun, you can read the descriptions on the website.  I have several of their products and find the sizing to be spot on, so use the measurements, don’t guess.  So far the durability is great, and one thing I like it I can wash them (unlike leather). 


If you haven’t viewed their offerings yet, check them out at www.cancanconcealment.com. 


These pieces are versatile, there are options, and they are friendly and responsive.




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