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my books
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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The world is changing...

The world is changing so fast!  Now, more than ever, you need to be aware, and prepared.  If you carry a gun, when is the last time you went to the range to practice?  When is the last time you practice your draw stroke with an unloaded gun?  When is the last time you did a defensive drill with the family?

Do you have your peripherals?  Flashlight, knife, pepper spray?  How is your Situational Awareness?  Have you practiced active threat assessment to help focus your attention?  Are you mentally running what if scenarios in your head?  Have you done any personal defense training?  Hey, even we aging baby boomers can kick butt if we know how!  If you aren’t a member of the American Warrior Society, consider joining.  There are some awesome training tips and videos by Mike Seeklander that are well worth the cost of joining. http://www.americanwarriorsociety.com

What about Active Shooter training.  We all pray it will never happen to us but it is becoming more common, in more environments, and odds are it will get worse before it gets better.  The Department of Homeland Security had Active Shooter training on its website, free.  It is actually pretty good.  https://www.dhs.gov/active-shooter-preparedness  If nothing else, it will give you something to consider. 

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