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Friday, July 8, 2016

The world around me is changing…

I can’t turn on the news without a report of violence, mass shootings, corrupt politicians and
more calls to strip me of my 2A rights. Last night 5 Police Officers lost their lives in Dallas,
responding to sniper fire and trying to protect the protestors who were protesting Police
shootings (note the irony here). POTUS and the left immediately responded with the cry for
“gun control”.

I recently watched the movie 13 Hours, the story of Benghazi and the heroes who risked
everything to save American lives. This was my second time watching this film. It isn’t an easy
film. I was a bystander to 9-11- 2001, being directly across the street from the Pentagon. I
watched the live coverage of the second plane flying into the WTC. I heard the third plane and
felt the blast even before the sound of the explosion as the plane entered the Pentagon. Those
are hours, minutes and seconds, that still haunt my memory and my nightmares. Watching 13
Hours I started thinking about what is happening here. I realized that we are on a steep slope
and picking up speed to becoming just as dangerous as many places in the middle east. Taking
my gun won’t make me, or you, any safer. It makes both of us nothing better than a staked goat
waiting for a predator.

Police Officers are second guessed at every turn. Terrorists, both home grown and infiltrating,
are attacking our way of life and killing without discrimination or warning. We are at war, and it
is the worst kind of war because there are no uniforms to help discriminate one side from
another. Angry protests erupt every time a black person is shot by a police officer. Where are
the protestors when a cop is shot, or a white person is killed by a Police Officer? I subscribe to
a simple rule:


If we don’t put the brakes on fast we could easily be overrun by thugs and criminals who have
no regard for life or property and the Police won’t be able to stop them. Stop pandering to the
loudest and teach personal responsibility.

I am proud to support the Law Enforcement agencies of our Nation. I may not always agree
with those at the top (i.e., Director Comey), but I support the boots on the ground. The men and
women who risk their lives for ours every day. I support our Military, even when our government
looks at them with disdain. I wore a uniform for 20 years. I know the sacrifices, the long hours,
the feeling of homesickness when on the other side of the world. I even support Government
employees, who are some of the most maligned workers in the country and the first to suffer
pay freezes, furloughs and job loss at the hands of a bloated Congress.
I love my country, and I want it back…from the thugs, the terrorists and the corrupt politicians.
Do what you can…
Thank a Law Enforcement Officer.
Thank a Military Member.
Display the Flag.

#Blue Lives Matter
#All Lives Matter


  1. Well said & appreciated reading your thoughts on all of this.

    x. Emily

  2. Amen. I put a link up to you on today's post regarding situational awareness, threats and self defense. Hugs