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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whatever happened to National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day?


This was a good idea, had a robust start, but like so many endeavors, it required a lot of work by a lot of dedicated people to get up and going.  Also, like so many things, it took a lot less effort to take it apart.  Without going into the painful details, the organization crumbled. 


However, there are still a few clubs across the country who host annual events, some under a slightly different title, but the concept of safety, encouragement and promotion of the Shooting Sports is still strong.  That being said, there is no reason any range can’t support a family event or set aside a Daughter Day, do some type of promotion that may include extra instructor staff support, use of .22 caliber firearms, or even a reduced cost.  Some clubs have prizes and a cook out and certificates and advance registration. 


No matter how you do it, formal or informal, this is a great family activity and girls as well as boys love to make the first trip to the range in a supported way, and most have so much fun they can’t wait to go again.


So, consider encouraging your local range to promote a family day, or a daughter day, and get everyone out for some fun!

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