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my books
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Monday, March 26, 2018

Why I Carry

Years ago a man I was dating threatened my life, I believed him. I called the police, they contacted him to schedule an appointment for him to come in and interview, several days later. Because of that a judge expedited my carry permit from what was then 30-45 days to 3. Of course, I had to quickly take a basic course. As soon as I could I took more advanced training on carry techniques, shooting and carry law. He got off with probation and a warning I learned a valuable lesson about being responsible for my personal safety. That was 25years ago. Who knew it would turn into a love of the sport and a passion for the 2nd Amendment. Also to the honor to introduce so many to shooting in a safe way, to train with some gifted instructors, to meet and befriend some of the best people in the nation, and spread my passion through 4 books. I started from a place of fear. I grew to a place of passion and love and joy. #2A #FemaleandArmed #WhyICarry

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  1. Hi Lynne,
    Howz everything with you ?
    You are in tall cotton as part of this group of well known names. . . . GLOCK pistols are safe, easy to use and reliable. The three professionals I interviewed were Massad Ayoob, Sara Ahrens and Lynne Finch.
    From another posting, Paraphrasing you...  
    "Hanging a Gun Free Zone sign is like ringing a dinner bell" -- for a shark.