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my books
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Monday, November 28, 2011

I carry a gun and I can use it to intimidate an attacker.

Think so? If you are going to carry a gun, you need to be prepared to use it if the situation warrants. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at greater risk. Imagine being approached by someone intent on doing you harm, you pull your gun and point it at him with a trembling hand. You avoid eye contact and in a soft voice say “stop, please don’t come any closer”. What do you think will happen? Counter that with a determined stance, direct eye contact, a loud firm voice saying “Stop, Get Back, Do Not Come Any Closer” while you are pointing your gun directly at his chest. Remove the gun from the two scenarios. Standing with shoulders down, eyes averted saying “leave me alone” or standing tall, feet shoulder width apart, one hand out in the universal signal for Stop, using a loud firm tone of voice to say “Stop, Leave me Alone, Get Back!”. Practice with a friend, get used to the idea that social conditioning can leave you vulnerable and it is OK to tell someone he is Too Close, Back Away, Don’t Touch Me…You have the right to protect yourself. If the person didn’t mean any harm and is a good guy, he will apologize for making you uncomfortable and back away, or he will run away in fear for his safety. If he is a Bad Guy, you may very well have interrupted his victim fantasy and he may mutter something like “bitch” as he moves on. Or, he will challenge your resolve and keep coming. Then, you fight. Kathy Jackson titled her book The Cornered Cat, for good reason. Have you ever seen a cat when it is frightened? They run away as fast as they can, if that isn’t an option, they fight with everything they have, teeth, claws, growling and hissing, hair standing on end to appear larger…and they do not stop until the confrontation is over.

Remember, being called a “bitch” is the least of your concerns. I take it as a compliment. Think of it as an acronym. Being In Total Control of Herself! (I wish I could take credit for that but I first heard it at a Saffire, the Uppity Blues Women concert. Unfortunately, they are no longer touring, but their CDs are still available and some of the songs are very funny.)

Channel your inner cat and be prepared to fight like your life depends on it. Stay safe!

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