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my books
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Video Glasses Review

I got a pair of POV HD Digital Video Glasses from Amazon.com.  I couldn't wait to take them to the range.  Attached is a short clip shot with the glasses.  I'm impressed.  They are very easy to use, Micro USB charge of internal battery and uses a micro-card.  There are clear and tinted lenses, very easy to swap out.  Only downside is the temples are a little bulky, so they work better with ear plugs than they do with ear muffs. 

Overall, I like them...

Watch for more video in the future!  This was fun!


  1. I've been wanting some of those. I'm glad to see an example of the video.

  2. Thanks for the info. The video is always a help. Hope you are enjoying the Christmas season Lynne.

    1. I am, as I hope you and yours are as well! The glasses have proven to be a lot of fun, I plan to make some instruction tip videos with them in the near future.

      Take Care!