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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Perfect Fit

You may have read my recent post on women only classes.  Having spent more time learning about some of the other instructors I met I’ve come to the conclusion that they are great examples of finding your niche.  I like to offer a safe, fun introduction to shooting, making my new students relax and have a good time, then encouraging them to seek more advanced training.  That works for the student who wants that.

Some of these guys offer a harsher introduction, safe, competent but harsh.  And for some people, that works.  Not for me, but there are those who thrive under pressure.

There are instructors who are more attuned to defensive instruction and some who are more focused on tactical instruction. 

Where am I going?  You need to understand your needs, and ask questions to find the right instructor for you.  Do you want a more gentle introduction or do you want to jump in with both feet?  Are you ready for a heavy duty self defense class or a carbine class or do you need to know which end to hold?

There are all kinds of students, and all kinds of instructors.  We are not one size fits all but you can find your perfect fit by understanding what your needs are and then asking questions to see if that instructor is your perfect fit.

Safe Shooting.

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