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my books
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Wheat and Chaff

There are so many blogs these days, it isn’t possible to keep up with them!  Some are insightful, thoughtful, and offer great advice, others offer advice bordering on dangerous, and some, well, they are just self-promoting.  I had the “honor” of commenting on a post recently and then having someone else and the moderator refer to me in turn as “catty” and “anti-capitalist”.  Uh, ok.  It gets better, I responded, but my follow up clarification has yet to make it past the moderator/censor. 


For the record, this particular post referred exclusively to one commercial outlet for women’s holsters.  Never mind that the proprietress of this outlet didn’t create these holsters, she merely stocks them on her site, along with her “pearls of wisdom”.   The “reviews” of the products were not especially well done, often showing incorrect usage, but that didn’t stop the love fest with the site that sells them (one of many I might add).  I commented on the persons skills at marketing and referenced several other sources for information and products.  Gosh, you would think I made a negative comment about an icon, which this women is not, based on the reaction.  Further more, some women commented with legitimate questions about carry methods based on their body type of lifestyle.  The “moderator” provided brief answers, the legitimacy of which leads me to believe that a, the moderator is a man, and b, doesn’t teach women.


So what is a girl to do?  Look at who is promoting the sport, empowerment of women, offering sane advice and thoughtful responses…those are the women you should be following.  The sight that promotes the author first, well, look a little deeper, is it Me, Me, Me or You, You, You?  Some good starts are in the blog list to the right.  Keep your BS meter finally tuned and remember, if it doesn’t sound right to you, it probably isn’t right for you.


Safe Shooting!




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  1. I take the info from folks I don't know with a grain of salt. I've seen truely mediocre talent or knowledge with a firearm become popular only through promotion or linking to more popualr sights, and some folks, very unassuming and quiet that hold more knowledge than I certainly will ever have.

    It'd rather point out information that can get you hurt and be considered "catty" than not speak out.