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Friday, July 26, 2013

Review of the new Remora Micro-Clip Holster

Regular readers know that I LOVE Remora products.  Recently, I got to try the new micro-clip holster.  When I first received the holster I truly thought they had sent me the wrong one, and had them send me a replacement.  It was the same size.  Back and forth, and a couple conversations and…light bulb.
First, I’m using this holster for a Glock 19.  Glocks have a boxy trigger guard shape.  As you can see in the photo, initially, I couldn’t wedge a gun into the holster, and thought it was the holster. 

Then, I remembered that Remora forms fits very well when warmed.  I stuck the nozzle of my blow dryer into the holster for about 90 seconds and warmed it, then forced my Glock 19 blue gun deep into the holster.  If you don’t have a blue gun, you can wrap you unloaded firearm in cheesecloth of a thin cotton and use it to shape the holster.  Let the gun and holster sit for 24 hours.  When you take the gun out, the holster will have shaped to the gun.


The holster is ambidextrous.  You can snap the clip on to either side, and it can be worn IWB without a belt, almost anywhere.  With a traditional Remora you need to ensure there is tension to hold the holster in place.  With the micro-clip, the special Remora fabric still grips but the clip keeps it from falling.  When the slight pressure of clothing is released, the gun tends to rotate, but with good coverage of the trigger guard, it is still safe, and it won’t fall.  I’ve worn it strong side hip, appendix, and now, with an injured strong hand, I can wear it on my weak side. 

It is an easy draw, but not an easy re-holster.  So, not a great range holster, but it offers minimal print for maximum concealment. 

It probably won’t be my primary holster, but it will be great with skirts, and dress slacks, clothing that make a more traditional holster a challenge.  Over all, I like it. 



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