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Monday, July 1, 2013

When Should I Carry My Gun?

I actually get this question a lot.  When should I carry my gun?  My answer?  Anytime you legally can!  Do I mean that literally?  Yes!  Out and about?  Yes!  In my home?  Yes!   
Out and about probably makes a lot of sense to most people, if you aren’t sure, remember that your gun in not a rabbit’s foot and it offers ZERO protection in your safe at home while you are being mugged in a parking lot.  Have you ever heard “Danger comes when we least expect it”?  Well, we should be expecting it because it can appear anywhere and in many forms.  At the ATM, in a parking lot, driving down the road, in a store, in a restaurant…  
What about carrying at home?  See the news lately?  Armed home invasions and even unarmed but violent home invasions are reported with alarming frequency.  There was a recent case in NJ caught on a nanny cam, the images are not for the squeamish, but it illustrates how brutal an attack can be.  That the victim now only survived, but had relatively minor injuries is a miracle. 
The point is, you never know when something will happen.  If you did, you would arrange to be someplace else.  You can’t predict the future, but you can increase your odds of survival.   
What about when you are someplace you can not legally carry a firearm?  Do you have other defensive tools at your disposal?  Pepper Spray?  Knife?  Flashlight?  Kubaton?  Do you know how to use them?  If not, learn!  These implements don’t help you if you do not know how to use them.   
Have you taken any self-defense training?  Not martial arts, but self-defense, there is a difference.  Martial arts are elegant, disciplined and structured.  Self-defense is rough, fast, dirty…Bad guys don’t play by Queensberry Rules.   
After reading all of the above, what is your first and best defense?  Awareness!  The faster you recognize danger the more time you have to respond, or if possible, get away. 
Safe Shooting


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  2. As a firearms and concealed handgun instructor, I would like to second this advice. The "nanny cam" video referenced above shpuld be all the encouragement you need.

    If you are not safe in our own home, you are not safe anywhere, and unfortunately, you are NOT safe in your own home as many people find out each and every day.

    I have a few notes on personal safety for women on my website, but the most important is (IMHO) the advice given above.


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    2. Thank you. Good site, I looked, there is some very good information there!

  3. Thanks for the information! Informative post that has made me realize I need to become accustomed to carrying more often even around the house. Even though I live in an open carry state and have a license to do so I worry about peoples reaction when open carrying. Since I am a tank top and shorts type of girl who does not carry a purse I have struggled with this issue.