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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can I be Armed and Feminine at the Same Time?

Oh YES!  Meet my new favorites, Femme Fatale Holsters.  These are a delightful cross between lingerie and holsters, and will keep make the most feminine among us very happy.  The lace is beautiful, the styling is ingenious.

I personally own the corset (so far only in one color, but as soon as the budget allows…RED!) and it comfortably held my Glock 26, Ruger LC9 and LCPs, while provided awesome concealment, easy access in an open neck blouse, and a little extra tightening of the middle.

At first, I wasn’t sure about the thigh band, but once I got used to it…I LOVED IT!  Since the firearm is carried on the inner thigh, I stuck to a single stack compact like a LC9 for comfort, but it was secure while walking, sitting, standing, climbing stairs. 


They also have an ankle holster, my calves are a little too big for a comfortable fit but Donna is working on a new design that I will be trying and I’ll let you know.
Ok, I admit, I felt a little sexy with my gun tucked into something lacey and secret.  Is that wrong?  How about wanting one in every color?  LOL  These are sexy, fun and functional.

One thing Donna mentioned on her site, these holsters also make great stash pockets for ID, cash, a slender wallet or even a cell phone.  If I’m using my carry for my larger firearm, or I’m somewhere I can’t be armed, I can use these for a secret stash.  Fun and secure!

Follow the directions on the website for measuring, I found them to be perfect fits when I followed the direction.  Check out Femme Fatale Holsters, you might just love them as much as I do!

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  1. They are pretty! I've never purchased that type as I always figured you'd lose valuable time trying to get the shirt up to pull it out. I bet if you did a range test of that versus hip holster and jacket and published it, a lot of women would pay attention.

    1. good point. I wear the corset with a scoop or deep neckline so I'm not coming under the shirt, just reaching in, it is as fast as a Flashbang. The thigh holster works well when you can't wear on the hip, which is still my primary. I can't draw from this holster at my range, I have to practice at home with blue guns.

  2. Can this holster be worn lower (the way a belly band can be moved to more the hip area)? I'm a petite hourglass who'd prefer to draw more around the waist, and was wondering about the versatility of the corset holster (because I like the look of it more than the belly band).