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Monday, September 23, 2013

Continuing Education

Most of us understand the need for continuing education in our professional lives, but we need to continue our education in our defensive lives as well.  I know I have written about the need to keep training before, and I try to live by it when I can.  Time and money are serious constraints for most of us, so we do what we can when we can. 

Friday evening I had the pleasure of training in an area that was new to me.  Handgun retention.  It was taught by Kathy (the Cornered Cat) Jackson and her associate Don.  The class was approximately four hours, and it was a “level 1” class, meaning it was introductory.  The presentation, demonstrations and content were excellent!  I learned so much, and it was presented in a minimally intimidating way.  I’ve read about retention classes where people get pretty banged up.  I can see, in a life and death struggle for the gun, that is could get rougher than what we did in practice, but I learn better when I’m not afraid of getting hurt.

I did have the honor of being the first, but not the only, one to land squarely on my butt.  Mats really help!  It is Monday morning, I’m still a little sore, but I’m also “of an age” where I don’t bounce back (no pun intended) like I used to at 20. 

The techniques were effective in practice, easy to remember and I hope I never need them, but I will practice with a buddy and work on making them reflexive.  Learning so much reminded me how much I enjoy training and that I wish I could do more.  I think everyone had a great time, and if you ever get the chance…do not let a chance to train with Kathy pass.  She is awesome!

Safe Shooting.