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Monday, November 18, 2013

Take Your Students As They Are

People come in a wide variety of shapes, skill levels, strength, physical ability, emotional maturity and size. Some instructors adopt a one size fits all philosophy.  Using the classic 80/20 rule, that works for about 20% of your students.  The other 80% are not getting what they need. 
The best instructors, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing people, take into account the wants, needs and abilities of the individual student.  They will adapt their instruction to ensure that everyone gets what they need.  Sometimes that means we bring a student back and work with them a little more. But that is ok.  Sometimes it means thinking outside of the box, such as when confronted by an amputee who insists on learning to do everything for himself.  Sometimes it means we are careful of the direction we face when speaking so the deaf student, who is a very adept lip reader, doesn’t miss out.   
Good instructors teach 80% of their students.  Great instructors teach 100% of their students.   
What kind of instructor do you want to be?  And, what kind of instructor do you want to have? 
If you are an instructor now, ask yourself what do my students think of me?  
If you are looking for an instructor, you can ask what are you looking for in an instructor and what are your needs, challenges, fears and wants.  Share what you can, it will help make your instructor understand you, and make your training more beneficial.  Training isn’t cheap, get the most out of it you can! 
Safe Shooting! 

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  1. Teach all your students. What a good thought, but it is hard to apply and requires constant verification. Thank you for the inspiration.