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Friday, November 1, 2013


Where has the year gone?  It is November already!!  Here is Virginia leaves are falling, frost on the windshields in the morning, ...  But it is still lovely.  As you know, I'm active in shooting and teaching but I'm considering trying my hand, and  eye, at Archery.  I've decided that I want to try hunting next year, and that means probably deer or bear.  I would prefer deer because I happen to like venison and there are wonderful programs here, and elsewhere I'm sure, where you can donate the meat to food banks.  But while I can shoot a target at a reasonable distance, can I do that with a bow?  Is it worth it to try? 

Next year is already filling up, but this is a personal goal.  So, I will let you know.  At least if I drop a bow on my foot it isn't as likely to shatter my toe  LOL. 

Safe Shooting and Happy Fall! 

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  1. If you can shoot as well as you do, archery will be a breeze from a hand eye coordination thing. What surprised me when I started it, was how hard the draw was on some adult bows (meaning, how wimpy my upper arm strength was). I started out with a youth bow and worked up. It's a ton of fun!