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my books
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Squealing Like a Girl!

If you know me, you know I don’t get star struck.  I’m fairly normal around celebs…usually.

I just returned from the NSSF 2014 Shot Show.  I had two encounters where I gushed … a little.  I was walking past an autograph booth and saw Best Defense!  I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!  I have learned so much watching it.  I stopped and chatted with Mike Seeklander.    What a great guy!  Look up Best Defense on the Outdoor Channel.  The information can make the difference, it is presented in easy to understand scenarios depicting different outcomes based on your response. 

Encounter two…I was sitting in the Flashbang booth, by their gracious invite, and I looked up, did a double take on the name take and blurted out “Can I meet you?”.  Ok, doing the “L” on the forehead, and not for Lynne.  It was Vicki Farnam.  If you don’t know, she basically set the bar for women firearms instructors in this country teaching thousands of law enforcement officers.  Very gracious lady, and a legend!

Those were the only really stupid moments, but I met heros, legends, Olympians, champions and hundreds of men and women who make a difference every day just because they care, they teach, they support the 2nd amendment…  I had the honor of doing two book signings, I talked to so many people, and they were all wonderful!  Shooters are some of the nicest folks in the world. 

It was fantastic.  I got to shoot, talk guns for 4 days, and meet some of my heros. 


Safe Shooting!!


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