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my books
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gearing up for Shot Show 2015!

Woo-Hoo!  Getting ready to head to Las Vegas! You know the saying, What happens in Vegas, Stays on FaceBook!


If you have not had to chance to go, Shot Show in a word in AMAZING!  Everything and everyone affiliated with industry.  And, like the rest of the shooting community, they’re NICE!  I live near Washington DC.  So, I’m used to big city rudeness.  Imagine my shock when med held doors for me, or stepped aside for me to get on the escalator?  WOW!  Then, the true celebs in the industry, Jerry Mickulek, Julie Golob, Kathy Jackson, Ted Nugent, Joe Mantegna (rrrrrrrrrr), Mike Seeklander, Rob Pincus, Lisa Looper, Vicki Farnam, Julianna Crowder…and there are the minor league celebs…people still working their way up, like me!  Ok, ego aside, it is fun to be treated like a celebrity, even a minor one, for a few days.  I’ll be signing books, hanging out at booths doing autographs (still can’t believe people want my autograph, but I like it!) 


To give you a little glimpse into the world of Shot Show below are some photos from the past 3 years.  Can’t wait to get more for this year!!  If you are going, come by Anglers Book Seller on Tue between 2 and 3 and say hi, I’ll be signing The Home Security Handbook!


Safe Shooting!

Julie Golob

The Gun Diva

Jerry Miculek


Lisa Looper

Rob Pincus

Show Security

Kathy "The Cornered Cat" Jackson

Becky Lou Lacock

Julianna Crowder

Mike Thiemer

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