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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Gun Bunnies

I may be a little late to the party but I just learned the term Gun Bunny. Women like this reflect badly on women in the industry, They dress inappropriately for the range and pose for pictures with unsafe gun handling then get all defensive when called on it. They have cutesy names, and trade on their looks for goodies from manufacturers.
The opposite of the women I know who are serious, safe and have IQs higher than our bust measurements. I can not tell you how proud I am to be associated with this amazing group of women.

For the Gun Bunnies, you do us a disservice, posing as "real" shooters while pointing a gun at yourself and justifying with "It isn't loaded and I can't reach the trigger".  You think it is cute to pose in a bikini top with a gun.  If this is you, you are a poser.  I'm sorry if you are offended, but you damage the female shooting community every time you do the cute little pouty face over the barrel of a gun. 

Real women Shoot!  Real women are Serious, and Safety Conscious.  It doesn't matter if we are young and nubile or old and wrinkled.  We care about the sport, the industry and sharing the concepts of safety and responsibility. 

If you recognize yourself, take this as a wake up call.  You are not helping anyone, not even yourself.  We are laughing at you and calling you what you are. 

Wake Up sister, no one likes a poser.


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