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Monday, June 1, 2015

Can Can Holsters Can!!

I’ve always liked the idea of a belly band, no belt, wear it under sweats…but until now I hadn’t found one that I really liked.  Note the “until now”!  Can Can calls theirs a Compression Holster
or a HipHugger Holster, which is actually a better name as it fits where you need it, not where is wants to go!

Can Can Concealment (www.cancanconcealment.com) have created an impressive selection of carry garments, and I have a short list of what I want to try next.  I really liked the sport belt and
after contacting Darlene Cahill, she agreed to make it for me in my signature pink!  Yes, within reason, they do customize!  It was Delight at First Wear.

This is not your ordinary Compression Holster.  It is extremely well made, closes with Velcro.  There are silicone strips on the top and bottom of the inside that help it hold its place.  There are
so many pockets you can carry everything you need for the day without a purse!  I wore mine with a Ruger LC9 in Appendix position and a spare magazine, and a cell phone.  Under a T-
Shirt…No one had a clue.  It was comfortable, it didn’t shift, it didn’t roll, and it was secure all day, up and down stairs, carrying boxes, all the day to day life activities, yet the gun was within
quick access had I needed it.  I feel comfortable carrying something larger as well, but probably on the side.

One thing that is unique to Can Can, they use of Rare Earth Neodymium magnets.  Darlene explains; “We decided to use Rare Earth Neodymium magnets instead of thumb breaks
because our holsters have multiple pockets and the thumb breaks would be a nuisance on the holster pockets that weren't being used.  The Rare Earth magnets have a strong pull (over 7.5 lbs.) and hold the barrel firmly in place.”

This is sturdy, secure, functional, well made and pretty!  What more can you ask for!!  I LOVE
They have an impressive assortment of holster styles, all done in their signature style with a lacing accent.  I’m looking forward to trying the garter holster next.  I’ve carried in a thigh band
before, successfully, but Can Can takes it to the next level by giving you an optional garter belt to ensure no surprise slip of the holster.

If you are changing sizes, they have extenders that you can use to make the belt bigger.  They have taken into account that not all of us are tiny, and accommodate a wide range of sizes from
petite to plus. 

The service was awesome, everyone was very friendly.  They are a relative newcomer to the market, but are quickly catching on among the ladies, and for the guys, there is a camo trim
version that is gender neutral.  I suspect we will be hearing a lot about these folks going forward.
Check out photos below of some of the awesome products and visit www.cancanconcealment.com
for more information and to find the perfect concealment garment for you!


  1. I've had mine for a year; and love it!

  2. I love that great idea, thanks for sharing. Awesome holsters, an informative post. For more idea of holsters, check our page IDF Holsters. Thanks ! :)


  3. I think holsters should be much more handy when using weapons.
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    1. The best holster is the one you that provides you function, security, access and you will use it. I have tried several of your recommendations and they were not for me. G19 is my EDC.