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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Placing your holster in your new CC bag

I just got a beautiful new bag from GunGoddess.com. and it made me think others may not be as comfortable.

Just get a new Conceal Carry Handbag?  They are awesome for the times you can't or don't want to carry on body.  They also require a lot of vigilance. 

But, if you are new to CC Bags, you may not be sure about adjusting the holster.  Most bags will have a zipper on either side with the holster velcroid to the bag inside that pocket.  The easiest way to remove it is to unzip both side and lift it out with both hands,  This saves you from freeing one side and the other getting stuck and then back and forth to get it free.

Second, decide you preferred way to carry the bag, the 90% solution.  I prefer cross body, reduces the risk of it being snatched from my shoulder.  I also prefer the dual zippers close to my body.  Try the bag, hold it, see what feels good to you.  Some may want the zippers to the outside.  Most non shooters won't recognize it for what it is.  Once you have your preferred carry placement, you are ready for step 3.

Take you UNLOADED pistol and place it securely in the holster.  Yes, UNLOADED, you will be doing a little administrative handling, and you want to stay safe.  Think about if the pistol will be on the back of the front of the bag as the holster will have Velcro on both sides.  Once you have ensured a solid fit in the holster, think about the orientation.  For a smooth draw I prefer it with the backstrap a little higher than the muzzle.  Once you are comfortable, zip the forward zipper and carefully insert the holster from the side you would draw from.  Carefully so you don't stick to the Velcro too soon.  Once you have is where you think is good, firmly press the holster and bag together.  Now, does the zipper close easily?  with the bag in your carry position, can you easily draw the gun? 

If you can not say yes to both question, remove the gun and repeat the steps to remove the holster, rethink the position and reinstall until you have a comfortable placement, easy zippers and a smooth draw. 

Now, just be very aware of the bag.  remember it holds something precious and you can't hang it on the back of a chair, or unattended anywhere.


  1. Hey Lynne! Nice blog you've got here, although it looks like you are not that active anymore. Anyway, if you check out the comments every now and then, I'd like to send you a leather holster for a brief honest review of it for one of your guns. In case you are interested, drop me an email. Regards Al.

  2. When placing your holster in a new concealed carry (CC) bag, it's important to consider the size and type of holster you have, as well as the size and layout of the bag. Here are a few steps to follow:

    Measure your holster: Measure the length, width, and height of your holster to make sure it will fit in your new CC bag.

    Choose the right bag: Consider the size of your holster when choosing a CC bag. You want to make sure the bag is large enough to accommodate your holster, but not so large that it looks awkward or bulky.

    Position the holster: Decide where you want to place the holster in the bag. Most CC bags have a dedicated compartment for holsters, often located near the back of the bag.

    Secure the holster: Once you have placed the holster in the bag, make sure it is secure. You can use the built-in holsters or add additional loops or straps to keep the holster in place.

    Test it: Finally, test the bag by carrying it and checking that the holster stays in place and doesn't shift or move around.

    Remember to always follow the laws and regulations in your state or country regarding concealed carry.

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