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Friday, March 2, 2012

Carrying in the car?

If you are like me you spend a fair amount of time in your car, driving usually.  I carry strong side hip, and I’m right handed.  That means my gun and my seat belt intersect.  I’m not dumb, but it never even dawned on me, until I had a conversation with a friend, that I couldn’t get to my gun easily in an emergency.  Uh-oh…

The search was on.  I drive a mid size sedan (20 years ago they were called compacts, how times change).  I found a neat strap that wraps around the seat, and you clip on a holster so the gun sits between your knees.  Yea!  Well, that’s what I thought.  I had a lot of wires under my seat, electronic adjustments and for the seat warmers (hey, leather gets cold!).  So, I couldn’t tighten the strap all the way without pinching the wires, and I worried about the heating system.  That meant my Glock dragged the strap around and rested on the floor, banging against the back of my legs.  Not comfortable, nor easily accessible. 

Next…there is a strap the hooks on the steering column and holds a holster.  Yep, that might work…Unless your column is short, the gun isn’t and you are only 5’6” and end up banging the front of your knees on the gun.  BTW, the big round thing (steering wheel) blocked easy access.

Ok, 3rd time’s the charm?  Put it is a picket holster / sleeve and put it in the pocket in the door.  Yes, until the car moved and the rattling started. 

Next?  I’m currently working with the pocket holster shoved between the seat and the center console.  I skipped the console completely figuring it would be faster to unbuckle the seat belt.
Not ideal, but it is working for now.  I’m considering carrying a back up cross draw or appendix to resolve the issue. 

Something to consider.  How do you carry your gun in the car?  Can you get to it in a hurry without contorting yourself like a Cirque de Soleil performer?

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  1. I am left handed, so my seatbelt isn't an issue. I have practiced, dry fire inside my car the same I do inside. I practice the draw, so I know what I can and can not easily do.

  2. Just yesterday I drove for 3 hours with a glock 26 in a "Betty" holster at about 2 with the grip canted toward 3. After I fastened the seatbelt, I pulled the bottom of my shirt loose from the lapbelt. Was easy to access if necessary even with the seatbelt still fastened

    1. That's good to know, I just ordered one for my back up gun. I planned to carry appendix

  3. i prefer a horizontal shoulder holster and don't really have this problem for what it's worth.