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my books
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

If you could read anything...

If you could read anything, what would it be?  Specifically, if you could choose what to put into a book for new shooters, or even experienced shooters who needed a fresh perspective, what would you want? 

So many of the books I have found, with the notable exception of The Corner Cat, are a little dry, and heavy on fear.  They are full of stories of people in horrible situations.  Yes, it happens, and I am aware of that, but how does that help me to understand the fundamentals or master a skill or learn how to carry my gun so that if I find myself in one of those situations I can defend myself?

So, I'm asking you, my friendly readers...what do you want to read?

Thank you, and ...  Safe Shooting!


  1. Yes, there are bad things that happen to people to force them to carry a gun, but there are lots of fun things about shooting too. For example, interviews with every-day people that shoot IDPA, skeet shooting, clay shooting & other competitions that I don't know exist. Why they do it, how much fun they have,I read about a competition of people shooting from horses backs last summer(yes, while they were riding)! How do some of these fun activities affect everyday life?
    Shooting is expensive. How about some tips of how to make it affordable for more people?

  2. i found golobs book pretty good actually

  3. A great book for women who don't think they could ever shoot anyone is Armed and Female by Paxton Quigley. You can get it on Amazon for a penny. It will help them decide if they could ever defend themselves... or not.

    I agree that there are not may entertaining books out there besides the technical books on shooting. I shoot IDPA and love meeting people there and hearing thier stories. Good idea for a book! Julie G's book was pretty good, good refresher. But you know there is nothing like going out and experiencing it for yourself!