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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Practicing for the Real World

Do you own a blue gun in the model of your carry gun?  If not, you might want to consider it.  I own 3, actually.  I have found them to be irreplaceable for training situations at home.  Dry Fire in a controlled environment is important, but there are things I want to practice where I don't want to be in my controlled environment, which is quite limited. 

I use my blue guns to try out holsters, to practice drawing.  I play a game with my husband where I will be wearing a blue gun just like I would my carry gun and he will call out "Threat" and we see how long it takes me to sweep and draw.  It is one thing to practice a fast draw when you tell yourself in your head "now", quite another when someone else calls it out, even when you are expecting it.  It has made a big improvement in my reaction time.

I can roll on the floor, I can beat on my heavy bag, "escape" from it and draw on the move.  All in complete safety.  I don't feel comfortable doing that with my real gun. 

Don't misunderstand, a blue gun is not a toy, it is a tool.   For me, it is a tool to inject a little reality into my practice and help me build skills I hope I never have to use.

Safe Shooting!


  1. Great idea, Lynne! I will be getting one soon. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I like Blue Guns are good for some training. I like it for close quarter fighting. I am not going to draw a real gun and point it at my husband no matter how many times we have checked it. When we train like that, the blue gun is useful.