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Monday, April 9, 2012

New to me Glock Naming Contest - NAMED!

I recently aquired a new to me Glock 19 to use with students.  I prefer to keep my primary carry gun in the holster and not take if off, unload and hand it to a student to shoot, but I had been while I was looking for another one.  Well, I found one!  And, for those who read here and the FB pages, you know that I ran a poll to help me name the new Glock.  Yes, if you are new to me, you don't know, I name all my guns...silly, maybe, but I like it.  I got some great suggestions, vey original, such as Gladys Night and the Hollow Points, Glinda the Good Glock...some less original but very appropriate.

Well, I settled on a name.  I picked Glinda the Good Glock (really, is there any such thing as a bad Glock?) If you have not seen TV in the last 50 years, it is a reference to Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz.  I liked it, so G3 it is!  I ordered a slide plate and will post a photo when it comes.

Thank you for the idea!

BTW, in case you were wondering, one of the reasons I don't like to unload my hollowpoints and switch to practice ammo a lot is that you need to rotate the rounds.  If you frequently unload and re-chamber the same round, it can damage the round.  Hence you need to cycle them, and then go ahead and shoot a couple after several cycles of loading and rechambering.  Price is a factor there.  Plus, it is my primary carry gun.  I like the idea of having a quality firearm I can let students practice with, that I treat just as well as my carry gun in terms of cleaning and maintenance, maybe better since I'm putting it in someone else's hands. But it keeps my carry gun in my hands.

Safe Shooting!

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