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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When is enough really enough?

I have more guns than I can shoot, holsters to accommodate any of the ones I might actually carry, blue guns in the same model for all my carry guns so I can practice different carry styles, drawing, etc., without having to be in my dry-fire safe area.  Why do I want more?  Are guns addictive, like Dark Chocolate or Shoes?  How many is too many?  When I start looking at buying a second safe, does that mean I have too many?  Why, when I walk the aisles at the gun show do I spot something I just have to have?  Why am I even tempted by the cute little guns I have no practical use for, like the little pearl handled Derringer?
What is it about guns that makes them so alluring?  They are sleek and shiny, dark and dangerous…
I can justify my last purchase, I bought a Glock 19 for students to use when I’m teaching.  That way I don’t have to take my carry gun off, unload it, get out the practice rounds and hand it over to a student.  But why am I so tempted by others that I have no legitimate need for?  They’re pretty, they’re fun, there is something about the feel of a new gun in your hand while you are getting used to it, learning to shoot it, breaking it down and cleaning it the first time…Ahhhh…


  1. No such thing as too many was the general consensus around my parts. We long ago outgrew our safe (it's a really small one).

    And I never feel like I have enough, either...it's a curse, I tell you.

  2. Lol, I feel the same way. I have never had that anything else, but there are so many guns I want.

  3. I'm pretty new to firearms; I only have one rifle and one handgun...so far. But when I went to the last Chantilly gun show to choose my handgun, my heart went pitter patter when I saw and picked up some of the guns that weren't up for consideration that day. I made notes, because I'm sure they'll come home with me some other day, like that pretty Ruger Bearcat. Honestly, why do I NEED more than two guns? Because I want them. Guns are pretty, sleek, and shiny, and they bring out my inner magpie. I like the different actions. I like that they're something I can take apart and put back together though not mechanically inclined. I like the different sized holes I can blow in targets. I like how being on the range destresses me. I laughed at myself that I got as excited over the selection of guns to fiddle with and consider for my collection as a fashionista friend (who seriously rivals Imelda Marcos) does about shoes. (And I'm super excited that a new scope and mag release just arrived in the mail for my rifle. Play time!) Although new; I so understand. :-)

    1. LOL! I'm so glad it isn't just me! :-)

  4. It is NOT just you! I worked local law enforcement and DOC for years, using rifles, shotguns, revolvers, etc, for my job. My husband and son both owned various guns, both long and short (and my son is only 14). I never owned my own personal gun until 2mths ago, and had never even shot a semiautomatic pistol before, let alone knew how to load it, break it apart, clean it, etc. But my 1st purchase was a Ruger SR9mm, and I LOVE my gun. I'm also slightly better at the range than my oh-so-trained hubby, although he hates to admit it...LoL! I've also fallen in love with his 1911 and decided my next 2 purchases will be my own 1911 and a 357 revolver. But on a side note...my shoes are just as addicting. My friends pick and joke because they swear I'm the only female they know who feels just as comfortable at the range in heels as I do in boots or sneakers. Guns, shoes, and tattoos....my top 3 addictions! :-)

  5. I always say gun are like shoes - you can never have too many, and you need at least one to go with every outfit :) I would actually spend more time in the gun store than the shoe store any day.

    My husband gave me a gift bag on our anniversary and as I took out a small (obvious) jewelry box I noticed two tall slender things in the bag (the 30 round magazines I had been wanting for my Glock). I set the jewelry box aside and drooled over the mags for a while. My husband hasn't stopped telling everybody how I had not even opened the jewelry box, but had gone nuts over the magazines - LOL.

    I did finally open the jewelry box and it was gun related, as well - a necklace from Gun Goddess made from a bullet casing - he knows me so well :)