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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Training Logs

A few weeks ago I received a question about training logs, and diligently downloaded an application to my Android Phone, RANGELOG, to track my round counts and practice.  I learned a couple things.  First, logs are not my forte.  I would forget, and then try to enter days later, plus my practice session vary significantly depending on my mood.  If I’m stressed, I like to shoot fast, and a lot.  If I’m in a good head space I tend to be more methodical and focused, drilling marksmanship, drawing, defensive skills, scan and assess…  Some days I just want to punch holes in paper.  I learned that I didn’t care about tracking it because it all balances out.  I do keep my occasional targets, the ones with the fist size hole missing from the middle (I’ve threatened to frame them and hang them on my back door so if you bust through my gate it will give you something to think about).
Second, I found the mechanics of this particular application did not work well for me.  I have multiples of the same make/model gun, one for me and two for students.  Trying to determine my gun meant opening each one and checking the notes section.  All in all, I’m not a training log gal.  If I were more OCD (or as my husband says CDO since the letters need to appear in alphabetical order) maybe.  But I tend to judge my skills by my performance.  I don’t really care that my round count is 5000 on a particular gun, or that I did point shooting last week so I need to do marksmanship this week. 
I don’t know if that answers the question, but that is my experience.  If I really wanted to keep a log, I think I would get a small book, maybe 3x5 size, and keep it in my range bag, record my info there.  Or, being a little geeky, make notes and go home and put them into a spreadsheet or a Database.  Do I need a special app for that?  No. 
Thank you for the question though, gave me something new to try and consider.

Safe Shooting!

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