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my books
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coming Up!

Next Saturday I will be attending, as a student, a Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting Course offered by Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC.  I’ve read about, seen videos, even observed one class.  Now…I get to take the course.  I can’t wait!  Based on watching it I have a slight advantage in that I know what to expect, but there is a difference in knowing, and knowing what it can do for my defensive skills, and actually completing the training.  I will definitely be posting a review and maybe a photo or two after the class.
Ladies, do not be put off by the term “Combat”, if you are in a defensive situation where you are drawing your gun, you are fighting for your life.  One on-line dictionary defines Combat this way; “to fight, contend, or struggle to fight or struggle against; oppose, resist, or seek to get rid of armed fighting; battle any struggle or conflict”.  That can happen on the streets, in your home, at the grocery store…not just on a battle field.  This is about confidence in your own ability to defend yourself, and knowing you have the skills to survive the encounter.
Check back early next week for a full review!


  1. The class was so incredible...I will write more soon, right now I'm exhausted. but, wow! If you get the chance...GO!