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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review of Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting Course

Fundamentals of CFS is a one day course, offered in Northern Virginia by Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC.  If you don’t know me I’m female, over 50, and an experienced shooter / instructor.  I was excited to get to take this class.  There were 10 students ranging from a young woman who had never drawn from a holster to very experienced shooters.  I had never taken a defensive firearms class before.  My first reaction was WOW!  My second reaction, at the end of the day, was OW!
This was a great class. The instructors were patient, helpful and extremely knowledgeable (and no, I didn’t know all of them, LOL).  The class started with fundamental skills and quickly built on those, mastering one new aspect at a time and building up to the final drills.  I learned so much that it wasn’t until the very end that I realized how much I had learned. 
The instructors focused on something that was a new concept to me.  We didn’t all have the same “performance goals”, they recognized that we are all starting in different places.  Some were amazing shooters, some were more tentative, not quite as accurate.  We were building skills to help us defend ourselves, not trying to hit a 10 ring.  This was a great approach because if allowed all of us to be successful without being measured against each other.  The instructors were constantly walking up and down the line, sharing advice, offering tips, making minor corrections and offering the occasional encouragement, as well as pointing out errors.  Safety was a constant, every new skill included an explanation of how to perform it incorporate it safely. 
When I first starting looking into the class I was put off by the word “Combat”.  Then I realized, combat is a fight for your life, and if I’ve drawn my gun, I’m fighting for my life.  Also, I thought, this would be a great class for an experienced shooter to take their skills to the next level.  I was half wrong.  This is a great class for ANY shooter to enhance their defensive skills.  I watched a relatively new shooter blossom and grow more confident as the day went on, getting accurate hits on target and moving and drawing smoothly.  I, personally, saw my accuracy improving, my drawing getting faster, my reloads getting smoother….and my threat recognition, which I had never worked on, went from zero to sixty!
This class covers so much it is difficult to describe it all.  But at the end of the day I was tired, sore, and thinking to myself…I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!  I think of all I learned in one class, wow, if I take it again, how much more will I get out of it?  There was so much, and it is structured to your individual level, that now that I (I think) have moved up a notch, taking it again will offer new challenges and a chance to get even better.
I also know that I will incorporate some of the skills into my teaching, tips on lateral movement, threat recognition, drawing and firing, scanning and assessing slowly enough to actually see what is behind me but fast enough not to lose track of what is in front of me. 
Ladies, this is an especially great class for women because it will build confidence in a way I didn’t think was possible in one day.  I’ve been shooting, and carrying a long time.  This class taught me things I had never thought about.  I was pushed past my comfort zone, by caring instructors who wanted me, and everyone else to excel to the best of my ability.  I was encouraged by these same instructors.  I felt I held my own with the guys, even the young ones.  I might not have moved quite as fast, but I was drawing, and getting hits on target right next to them. 
Bottom line, if you use a gun for personal defense, either in your home or carry out in the real world, I strongly encourage you to find and take a CFS class.  You will be amazed.  The inexpereinced shooters came away with a new appreciation of their skills.  The experienced shooters, one of whom was Law Enforcement, admitted that the drills were new to him and he learned a lot.  EVERYONE can benefit from this. 


  1. Great AAR! Sounds like you picked up a great deal in only a day - clear sign of a willing student and good instructors! Pretty sure your future students will benefit!

  2. I know I've mentioned this a million times - but I am so jealous.

    Last year, Rob Pincus was in Colorado doing a carbine class and I didn't know about it until too late. :(

    I did take a class from one of his instructors back when Rob was running Valhalla at Elk Mountain and I loved it. I learned a lot and can't wait to take more classes from them.

  3. Excellent, Lynne! Great AAR.

    GDiva, I'll be back in CO in the summer!

  4. I'm about to do it again, I'm being offered the chance to take the two day class next month. I'm stocking up on Aleve and so anxious to go and have fun! I can't wait, and yes, you will get to read all about it!