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my books
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spare Magazine Carry

If you carry a semi-automatic, do you carry a spare magazine?  Should you?  YES!!!  That is your emergency back up if there is a problem, or, heaven forbid, you need more ammo than what you have in your gun.

For years, I’ve successfully concealed my Glock 19, but my mag carrier, which rested on my belt, printed like three cell phones.  I tried a wide variety of combinations and adjusted position, but Glocks are double stack magazines and it was just big.

I just found a different option, and I’ve been carrying this way for a couple weeks.  It is a leather – kydex IWB Mag pouch.  Yes, I need a little more room in the waist, but lucky for me I’ve been losing weight and many of my clothes have that extra room.  It masks the print from the mag better than anything else I’ve tried.  It took a little getting used to but it is as comfortable as my holster.

I found mine on Amazon (where we go for almost everything these days), it is by FoxX.

I wanted to feature it here because it is a different way to carry.