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my books
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I love teaching

Some of you know that in my day job I work for the government, which means...yep, furloughed.  I put the word out in my office, if you want to go shoot, I would do a free lesson, just cover your range fees.  Well, yesterday one of my co-workers brought his teenage son to the range so he could get introduced to safe gun handling and try out shooting.  This young man was attentive, focused, safe and A NATURAL!  We pulled down one target where all the shots were through the center ring.  What more can you ask for?  I'd love to take credit as an instructor, but, he deserves the credit.  He was excellent, and I had so much fun. 

I've had some personal issues recently and had reluctantly suspended teaching while I worked through them, and this was my first time on the range with a student since August.  What fun!  There was a very proud papa, a huge smile on a young man and a revitalized instructor. 

We all need moments like that, that smile when a new shooter realizes "I can do this!"  The high five for the awesome shooting...The feeling of pride that you introduced someone to something and they loved it!

Yesterday was a good day...

Safe Shooting

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