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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ghosts and Goblins and Ghouls…Oh My!

Halloween is upon us.  It just happens to be one of my favorite holidays, probably because there are few things I enjoy as much as dressing up in a costume.  

Will you walk your kiddos around to Trick or Treat?  This is an easy time to get distract, the kids are laughing and screaming, the costumes are fun…the risks are high.  Be alert for teens roaming in costume and adults in masks without kids.  They might be looking for a different kind of treat.

We generally look through the peephole and many of us don’t open our doors to strangers.  On Halloween we throw open our doors ready to hand out candy to the sweet like princess, the adorable Harry Potter and the rattling skeleton.  What if it isn’t some delightful child?  Look through the peep hole just to be sure BEFORE you open the door.  The odds of an attacker having a child in tow are slim, but not impossible.  Be ready, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t open the door.  They will move on to the next home.  

In years past, I’ve sat on my front steps to pass out candy, bottle of wine and small cups next to me for the grown ups.  Adults like to trick or treat, too.  If you opt to do something like that, keep your situational awareness on high alert and keep scanning.  It is nice to chat with the neighbors, and the parents really liked the wine, but think of yourself first.  

Lastly, this is fun for the kids.  Play along a little.  Ooo and Ahh over the Princess, jump back from the witch, make the zombie feel like you are a little afraid.  They will love it and the smiles are truly heartwarming.

If you are taking your kids out, remember to carry a flashlight for crossing the street.  A light, held chest high and shining straight down doesn’t blind drivers but makes them much more likely to see you and your crew.  If you have to be on the road, remember to drive a little slower.  

Happy Halloween!!!!  

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  1. The village I live in sets the trick or treat hours during daylight, when most everyone is working. So I just get treats for the neighbor kids and make sure they get it personally. Have a fun time, whatever you do.