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Friday, October 25, 2013

National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day Update

A lot of you have been waiting patiently to see how the changes would come about.  We had some pretty high hopes and goals, unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to support them.  We had lots of gift in kind sponsors and wonderful support, but just not the cash required to keep everything going, even as a non-profit.  And, like all good ideas, by the second year there were so many imitators (sincerest form of flattery?) that it became difficult to protect the branding.

So, with a HUGE HUG of Gratitude to all who supported us, we are changing direction.  It is an awesome idea and should continue.  We will remain active in terms of encouraging, sharing ideas and promotion, but we are no longer going to be officially behind the events.

We encourage ranges across the country to host events during the month of June.  Let us know, and we will list them on the website which will be live soon.  But we will no longer be doing formal agreements with ranges, nor will we be directly sponsoring events.  If you would like ideas, we’re here.  If you want to share your ideas, we’re here.  

We encourage hosts to use June to get the kids out in a safe and supportive environment, learning firearm safety and trying their first shots, or just shooting as a family.  You’ll have several weekends to work with, you can even host multiple events in the month, maybe you have an archery range and a rifle range, you can host two different events.  

So, it is not too soon to start looking around and local organizations you can partner with to host an event.  As always, you can contact me if you have questions or need to talk through ideas.

Let’s keep this alive, keep it growing and keep the kids SAFE!

Thank you!
Lynne Finch, co-Founder, National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day

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