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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Anniversary of the Tragedy at Newtown

There has been a lot of coverage of the anniversary of the tragedy in Newtown Ct.  In the days following my original post I wrote that I believed that people on both sides of gun control would use this tragedy to justify their positions.  But as we watch the still grieving faces, it is important to remember, these were innocent children and adults trying to protect them. 

This incident highlighted many things. 
  • The power of a community to come together and support each other in tragedy.
  • The courage and humanity of First Responders.
  • The impulsive nature of some people to take advantage of a tragedy.
  • The need for quality mental health care and personal responsibility in storage of firearms.
  • That we, the people, should think first of the victims and their families, not jump to conclusions and start pointing fingers.

Below is what I wrote on 12/14/12. 

Over the coming days I’m sure we will see much about the latest school shooting, and both sides of gun control will have their say.  Today, however, please think of the innocent children who may never feel safe again, the innocent victims who tragically lost their lives, and the families left behind.  My thoughts and prayers are with them, wishing I could shelter the victims from such senseless violence or somehow find words to comfort the families as their shock and disbelief turns to grief.
Thoughts and prayers to those who were lost, those who are injured and those who are picking up the pieces.
May God welcome the lost with open arms, guide the emergency responders and give them strength, and bring comfort to those still here.

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