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Friday, December 13, 2013

Carrying while Pregnant

There are lots of reasons not to shoot while you are expecting.  Noise, lead, chemicals…none of these are good for a baby. 

There are lots of good reasons to carry while pregnant.  As your body changes, your center of gravity changes.  Not experienced that yet?  Watch a woman who is in her third trimester walk.  She is leaning back to balance the tummy.  Her hips (the pelvic saddle) is under stress and spreading.  That protruding tummy is throwing her off balance, and making her feel very protective.  It also makes her more vulnerable.  It is difficult to move fast and react when your balance is off.  It shows.  This makes her vulnerable to bad guys who are looking for an “easy” target. 

Carrying concealed when you are in advanced pregnancy presents challenges.  You can’t see your feet, and your waist is a distant memory.  A bra holster isn’t accessible.  Strong side hip isn’t an easy option since there isn’t a waist.  So...what to do?  Consider a belly band, a wide piece of stretchy material with pockets for your gun and a Velcro attachment.  This can be worn under clothing or over slacks, wrapped under the tummy much like a pregnancy belt. 

If you are pregnant and choose to carry, I encourage you to practice your draw stroke, preferably with a blue gun.  Minimize handling your firearm and only shoot in defense of your life.  Don’t let the bad guys think you are an easy target.  Keep up your situational awareness. 

Note:  exposure to the chemicals, lead and noise associated with firearms are potentially dangerous.  This is not intended to be medical advice and you should make an informed decision, or consult your physician before carrying a firearm.

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  1. Those days are long gone for me, but I passed on such info to my daughter, who is an avid shooter. You don't think about how you walk differently, but in looking at pictures when I was carry here, trying to balance myself climbing in and out of the plane I flew, it's really obvious.