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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gun Belts

Yes, if you carry a holster at the waist, you want a gun belt.  The pretty little dress belts are not designed to hold your gun.  That doesn’t mean you must sacrifice fashion for function.  There are some very nice options available. 

Galco makes a contoured belt, it is curved slightly to fit better and closer to the body.  Looper Law Enforcement, home of the Flashbang, has some lovely belts to choose from.  My favorite is Miss Be Havin’, notice the pink backing?

These are just two of many sources.  The key is you need a substantial leather, or leather with kydex, belt.  They are an investment, but they are truly worth it!  If you are like me, you need different size belts depending on what you are wearing.  My low slung jeans are bigger than my at the waist 5.11 Tac pants.  I buy a belt that will fit the largest size I need, and then take it to a shoe repair shop and have a couple extra holes punched in it.  Remember the investment?  I can’t afford multiple belts, so I buy one that I can wear multiple ways. 

 The purpose of your holster is to keep your gun secure.  The purpose of your belt is to keep your holster secure.  It works as a system.  Carry safe and carry smart.


Safe Shooting!

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