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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day Update

Wow, so much going on.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  So many have volunteered to help and many to organize events in their area!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Here is where we are.  I filed for a non-profit corporation in order to have a solid foundation from which to solicit donations.  Non-profit isn’t a tax deductible charity, which would be very hard to get, but it does mean we are putting all funds raised toward the expenses related to the event.  The idea being this will become an Annual event and hopefully we can get some great gifts donated to be given away to registrants.  If we get some good stuff this year, what I might do is a drawing among each host range, and then they can give the prize to a local participant. 

I have a volunteer graphic artist (Crystal) who is working on a logo for us.  I have a lady (Cathi) who is a writer / editor who has volunteered to help with printed materials.  I have had lots of instructors and RSOs volunteer, and been contacted by a great store about possible giveaways.

We have a couple national sponsors already.  There will likely be a website in the near future, stay tuned to FB for updates on that.

We should be announcing the date sometime within a week, probably a Saturday in June.

My plan is to put together electronic copies of a waiver, suggestions for how to run an event, promotional flyers, etc., and make them available to anyone who want to host…FREE!  Hard to beat that.  We will likely have logo items available for sale (at cost if possible).  Local events can do some fundraising.  But, even some home made cookies and a few balloons can make an outdoor range festive and fun.  It isn’t about being fancy or expensive, it is about families bonding through the sport of shooting, and young women learning a new skill, and the self esteem that comes with that. 

Start thinking about where you could put on a shoot in your area.  Recruit local instructors to volunteer their time to help out on the day. 

Let me know if you have any ideas.  Once things are put together I will publish a list and a contact point, and you can start requesting the materials. 

I’m excited.  I think this is a great opportunity and I appreciate all of you for getting behind it.  This is why I love the shooting community.

Thank you to the sponsors so far;
Female and Armed Blog (of course)
Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC (www.InnovativeDefensiveSolutions.com)
Charlesworth Enterprises, Inc
Stiches-n-Stones (www.Stitches-n-Stones.com)
Gun Goddess (www.gungoddess.com)

Safe Shooting!!


  1. Hi Lynn, How can I get involved? I'd like to help organize an event in Tucson, AZ and let me know what it takes to be a sponsor. Thanks!

  2. Helpful if I give you my e-mail.... sales@bangbangboutique.com

    1. Kimberly
      I just looked at your site. Oh my, you are going to be bad for my budget! I LOVE the zebra print!!!
      p.s. I emailed you. Thank you.

  3. I am very interested. My range at American Institute of Marksmanship in Cave City, KY is starting to plan for this day. Keep me informed, please!

    1. Absolutely! Big updates show up here, minor updates are posted on FB at National Take Your Daughters to the Range Day. I just posted some news this morning. We should have the infrastructure in place in about a week and be able to really surge forward!

      Thank you!