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Monday, January 16, 2012

Working with Innovative Defensive Solutions

I’ve gotten a few requests for more information about who I teach with.  So, it is time for a little promotion.  I’m an adjunct instructor with Innovative Defensive Solutions, LLC.  They are a small, but growing, company in Northern Virginia.  You can check the website for course offerings and calendar, www.innovativedefensivesolutions.com.  Evan Carson and Dave K. are the two guys at the top. 

I met Evan when I first inquired about taking a Pistol Instructor Course.  I was hesitant, not sure I was ready.  We met, went to shoot, and in minutes he recognized two mistakes I was making and took me from a 6 inch grouping to about a 1.5 inch grouping.  All without ever being macho, condescending, or making me feel silly for thinking I could actually do this.  He encouraged me to stretch, helped me find my voice and led me to recognize my passion for sharing this wonderful sport called shooting.  I’ve heard some horror stories about instructors, and have met a couple that I wouldn’t have been comfortable with.  But these two men, while tough, strong and very capable, are funny and caring and sincerely interested in passing on knowledge and skills in a safe and supportive manner.  They have been busy pulling in more instructors to work with them that share the passion, caring and attitude that drew me in.  The training team has people with amazing backgrounds, a variety of skills, years of combined experience…but all with a common goal - to share knowledge in a safe, supportive environment. 
IDS offers a variety of NRA, NRA Instructor and IDS proprietary courses.  New material is being developed for the future.  They are also looking at offering some women only classes in the near future. 

I am truly lucky to have found them, and to be associated with such talented people. 
I believe in formal training.  I believe that each student, regardless of their skill level should be treated with respect.  That is what I see from IDS, LLC, and that is why it is my honor to be associated with them.

I hope to see some of you in a class!
Safe Shooting!

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  1. hmmm if i take their instructor course and like it i may just have to see if they are hiring when my son is a bit older 8D