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Monday, January 30, 2012

Targets - what do you use?

Ah, the choice of targets.  Everyone has a favorite.  Some specifc instances require a specific target type, but for go to the range practice?  My favorite technique is to flip whatever stack of targets I have around so they are blank and stick either a 3 inch or if I'm feeling adventerous a 1/4 inch round sticker in the middle and send it down range.  Yep, no fancy rings, number, shapes...just a dot.  I see a lot of folks bring white paper plates to the range.  Paper Coasters work really well, too.  They don't have to be fancy, just give you a focus point.

One of the things my instructor says is "Aim Small, Miss Small".  If you get used to focusing on a small point, you will tend to shoot that small point unless you are doing something wrong, generally with aim or trigger control, both of which can be corrected. 

Besides, there is significant satisfaction to hitting it just right and have the dot fly off the paper!  :-) 

I like to say, "Practice as if your life may depend on it". 

Safe Shooting!


  1. mostly cheap targets, in other words empty coffee cans, bottles, toys, etc pretty much anything ready to be tossed is fair game since i shoot outdoors lol

  2. For the kiddies with a .22.

    Suspend a 12" square piece of drywall with whatever target stuck on it. A hit produces a little puff of white dust.
    Hang your tin cans from a string (if it's not windy)They get to see the can jump with a hit.

    I'm pretty much just a paper plate guy, myself.