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Friday, January 20, 2012

What do you say to a National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day?

I read some wonderful responses to my question about why did you start shooting.  I had usually heard about the violence, threats, self defense...so many women wrote about shooting with their Dad growing up and learning to love the sport.  Wow, opened my eyes!!!  And it made me think.  What is we, the shooting community, get behind the idea of an Annual Nation-wide Take Your Daughters to the Range Day?

We can pick a date, work with our local ranges to publicize...teach young women that shooting is fun, empowering and a great activity for the whole family?

Interested?  I would love to hear from you.  We need to pick a day, design a logo and make it available to anyone who wants to use it, maybe get ranges to sponsor with special gifts...

If you want to send me a message privately, email me through the link in my profile to the left, or, post a reply below.  We can do this. 


  1. This is an awesome idea. I am in a ladies group that meets weekly and I'm sure they would love this. I know several of us have daughter ranging in age from tweens to late 20s. I know our range would support it. They are great. How about the Saturday before Mothers Day? That way we can spend the whole weekend with our girls. Just a thought.

  2. This is an awesome idea! I'm in a ladies group that meets weekly and I know they would love this idea. Several of us have daughters ranging in age from tweens to late 20s. I'm sure the range would support and promote this idea as well. They are great. How about the Saturday before Mothers Day? That way we could spend the whole weekend with our girls? Just a thought. Let me know what I can do to help.

  3. Im in! The problem here is there are not alot of ranges in this area..everyone is fairly remote.

  4. Thank you all! I'm so glad that you are embracing the idea. I'm not sure we can put it together by Mother's Day but I like it. Watch this space...:-)

  5. Lynne,

    This is a great idea and one that I hope takes off. What a super way for Moms to share with their daughters. If I may; perhaps it could include Sons when they are the only and/or the other child.

    And also, my sincere appreciation for your work in the NRA Pistol Instructor class I am attending this weekend. Thank you.


  6. I was originally envisioning this as a father daughter bonding moment, but I've gotten some great comments about women taking their faughters to the range. I think there is support for this effort. I'm going to be looking into a logo, possible sponsorship, a website, etc., in the near future. Standby for updates!

    Thank you!!! Safe Shooting.

  7. Check on the FaceBook page, National Take Your Daughters to the Range Day for updates!

    1. just shared the heck out of that page - hope it helps - who knows, if i do get certified as an RSO and instructor maybe i can help out up here using cove campground since they could go shooting and then head over to the lake for a dip lol

  8. I discovered your blog today and I'm so glad I did. Love this idea! Will be following to see how everything unveils.