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my books
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Practice, practice, practice makes...habit?

There is a common expression that practice makes perfect.  Actually, practice makes habit.  If you practice wrong, you will develop muscle memory and habit that is incorrect.  A school of thought is that is takes 1000 repetitions to form a habit but twice that to break the habit.

For example if you routinely slingshot the slide on your semi-automatic you will form that habit based on your practice. That does not mean that you have practiced perfect, you have practiced and created a habit.  If you learn the correct form from the beginning, often with the aid of a skilled instructor and practice what you learn, you will be making good habits. 

Perfect practice makes perfect habit.  Imperfect practice makes imperfect habit.  Why is this so important?  Building a habit, and muscle memory, means that when you are in a situation where you must respond quickly, by habit, you will do what you practiced.  If you have practiced and developed good skills, your response will be better.  If you practiced bad habits, your response may be flawed.

Practice safely, practice right and practice often!

Safe Shooting

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  1. I say this all the time. Practice isn't going to help you get better unless what you are practicing is correct in the first place. Great post!