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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teaching your kids

One of the questions I get often is how old is old enough to start shooting?  I usually say six is a good average age, it depends on the child.  However...as soon as they can toddle they can start to learn gun safety. 

The NRA has an awesome video called Eddie Eagle.  It is a little like Barney for the adults, annoying and repetitive, but it is perfect for kids.  It teaches them to Stop, Don't Touch, Leave the Area and Tell and Adult.  This is a great program to reinforce safety for the youngest ones

As they grow, they can learn on water guns, air guns, working their way up.  Teach them to respect a gun and not touch one when you aren't there.  Take the mystique out of firearms.  Even if you keeps yours locked at all times, your child may be at a friend's home and find a firearm.  Learning safety skills can go a long way to preventing tragic accidents.

Then, as they get older and are ready to shoot, take them, use it as family time.  Shooting is fun!

One thing to remember, if you do have firearms in the home with kids...they are tricky!  The kids I mean.  When I was young, I could find every Christmas present, open and re-wrap it, without anyone knowing.  Don't think that storing your pistol in a shoe box in the back of the closet is adequate.  A safe, even a biometric safe that you can open in the dark, is crucial. 

The combination of safety education and careful storage will go a long way to keeping the family safe.

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