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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Should you shoot when you are expecting?

Should I shoot when I’m expecting?  That is between you and your Doctor.  My advice is Not Unless Your Life Depends on It!  Exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing, perhaps permanently.  Studies have indicated that the womb amplifies sound via the fluid.  Therefore, depending on the stage of development, your baby is being exposed to very loud noises without the cognitive ability to anticipate of understand where they are coming from.  Plus, their little ears may be more sensitive than ours.  Think how loud the gun shot from a 9mm or a .38 is with your ear protection on?  Imagine if you had nothing to protect you from that noise?

Think about lead exposure.  Sure, it is minimal, and for the average shooter the fully developed system takes care of it for us, but for a fetus the lead particulate is filtering through Mom right to the baby.  Junior’s system may not be developed enough to process the lead.  Lead exposure has been proven to be responsible for multiple developmental and cognitive issues. 

Even an outdoor range exposes you to lead, debris and noise.  Plus, there are multiple chemicals involved with cleaning your gun after shooting that you may not want to expose your unborn to.

Bottom line, it is between you and your Doctor.  However, unless you life is on the line, consider keeping up your skills by dry firing and save the live fire for when you need a break from the new baby.  Cute as they can be, there will come a time when you want to pull your hair out.  That is a great time to head to the range and make holes in paper.  Just leave your precious bundle at home with Dad.

 Be safe!!

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